How To Take Your Business Online

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Hi, I’m Sarah Leather. Over 12 years ago I took my busy face-to-face health & coaching practice online and have been helping others to do it since then. Let me show you how it can work for you in your business.

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The Wholehearted YES!

Hi, I’m Sarah Leather. I’m a sales coach who’s passionate about helping women to get confident selling their services so that they can have the business and life-style they dream of!

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Are you waiting for someone to give permission to start making good money? To stop over-delivering and under-earning? PERMISSION GRANTED.

If you’ve ever found yourself slogging away in your business and thinking “there has to be another way” I’m here to tell you that there is another way. It’s not easy, but it is very simple.

No. You don’t have to do 10 webinars this week, write a book and speak from the stage! All you need to do is… get more clients. I’ll show you how.

I help coaches make real money, get out of their own way and blow their minds with what they’re capable of.

I know how much work is involved in growing a business. I know how crappy you can feel a lot of the time. I know how easily you can feel triggered or insecure. I also know how to break the cycle.

I’ll help you make a tonne of money, without marrying a millionaire! I’ll help you get more clients, without destroying your health! And I’ll help you step into your own power and grow your business, without aggressive tactics or marketing.

Selling isn’t icky, sleazy or slimy. Selling is the way you help people with your service. Selling is helping. If you don’t sell, you can’t help people. 

I didn’t know what I was doing in my business when I started working with Sarah. I knew I had so much potential and so much to offer but wasn’t sure what to offer it and how to.

I worked with Sarah one to one and also was part of her masterminds. Sarah holds a great safe nurturing space for you to grow and expand, guides you to grow a business that suits you – but isn’t afraid to tell you when you need to get your act together either.
I’m so grateful for Sarah’s support and guidance, I would not be where I am today without her as my coach over the past few years.
Patricia Lohan

When I started working with Sarah, I knew to grow my business I had to address my mindset & approach. I hated sales – they made me feel cringey & uncomfortable. 6 months in & my outlook is completely different- I never thought I’d say this but I enjoy sales! I’ve had my biggest revenue month ever & just beaten that again. Sarah’s earth-shatteringly simple tips on productivity, mindset & energy management mean I’m spending less time on my business, more time on me & my family, yet earning more. It’s been truly life changing in a supportive environment of amazing women.

Lisa Gimenez Codd

When I first started working with Sarah I was passionate about my business, but I was also scattered and not earning enough.  Sarah helped me focus on ways to bring in real income with ease + grace.

She taught me her feminine approach to sales, which I love. With her support and guidance I was able to turn my business around. In fact, this year I’m on track to double what I earned in my previous academic career. I was doing the work I loved when I met Sarah, but now I’m making money doing the work I love and that means a great deal to me.

Desha Peacock

DON’T work with Sarah Leather if you’re not looking turbo boost your business or learn how mastering your mindset will positively impact your business. From the first month of working with Sarah I had my first £5K month. She told me what to do and I did it. In the three months prior to finishing my work with her I was consistently earning over £6K, finishing up on a record breaking £14K! I wrote and published a book and hosted two masterminds whilst consistently growing two passive income streams. Who should work with Sarah? Anyone who is ready for a mind, body and bank balance transformation!

Susie Ashworth

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