“I’m working with Sarah
because she’s been where I am, she’s done what I want to do and she’s helped other women to do the same!


Sarah Leather is a Success Strategist who helps women to reinvent themselves and create the business of their dreams while also having a life. An amazing life.

Sarah works with women who know there is more there for them. They know they’re playing too small, working too hard but not getting the rewards they want.

She has been working with women for over 30 years and is obsessed with helping them to achieve their dreams. Originally an Intensive Care Nurse, Sarah went on qualify as a Naturopath who ran a booked out practice for 25 years specialising in women’s health. She had a best selling book, appeared on national TV several times and created online courses and group programs. Sarah went on to do extensive coaching and business training in 2008 and now works with individuals and groups to get the success they crave while having the lifestyle they want. Sarah is well know for her masterminds, especially her Wholehearted Business School where women from all over the world ‘become unstoppable’ doing the work they adore.

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