the group coaching experience to add in highly profitable income streams doing what you love with more grace & ease

Sarah Leather

My name is Sarah Leather

I have been fully booked for most of my 25+ years working with clients. I have done this in several niches, 2 countries, in person and on-line. For the last 5 years I have been helping my clients create multiple streams of income, allowing them to make more money doing what they love. My motto is that I get paid every day in multiple ways due to having multiple streams of income like 1:1 clients, group programs, masterminds, retreats, workshops, on-line programs & e-courses and affiliate income. This is what I help my clients create.

I’m well-known for my nurturing style. I’m often called the nurturing butt-kicker. My style is very kind and supportive. I notice where you keep sabotaging yourself. I will help you (lovingly) to get out of your own way so you can do the work you love and were born to do. You will also have the skills to make a lot more money in the process!

I would like to introduce you to the Infinity Streams Mastermind. 

Infinity Streams Mastermind is a 9 month group training experience with a ‘mastermind’ element where members get to support each other and be supported.

The focus is on creating highly profitable multiple streams of income for your business. Infinity Streams Mastermind kicks off in September 2017. Places are limited.

You can apply here. Successful applicants will be offered a clarity call to ensure that is an excellent fit.

Infinity Streams Mastermind


9 months of high level support including:

 Bimonthly live group mastermind calls
 Monthly 30 minute 1:1 calls
 5 live trainings each month
 Secret group forum
 Monthly training curriculum available in the membership area
 Bonus 60 minute 1:1 strategy call to map out your income stream plan for the mastermind
 3 extra 30 minute emergency calls to use at any stage (or a 90 minute intensive on completion)
 The Get More Clients Program
 SistaMind Membership


Monthly curriculum:

1. Your Big Vision & Business Model
2. High-end 1:1 Programs
3. Create Your Signature Program
4. Group Programs & On-line Courses
5. Create, Sell & Deliver Your Mastermind
6. Membership Sites
7. Sell Out Your Live Events
8. Run Your Profitable Retreat
9. Affiliate Marketing & much more

The curriculum will be available to you on the membership site from the start of the mastermind.

After having worked with Sarah and having time to reflect on how transformational the last 9 months have been for my life and business. I wanted to write a testimonial that really says it how it is.

DON’T work with Sarah Leather if you’re not looking turbo boost your business. Don’t work with Sarah if you don’t want a mentor who can loving kick your ass in touch when you need it. Don’t work with Sarah if you’re not interested in understanding how mastering your mindset will positive impact your business.

From the first month of working with her I had my first £5K month. She told me what to do and I did it. Yes it pushed me out of my comfort zone, yes I had to hustle my ass off, but she told me what to do and I got instant results. In the three months prior to finishing my work with her I was consistently earning over £6K finishing up on a record breaking £14K I wrote and published a book and hosted two masterminds whilst consistently growing two passive income streams. What changed in the 9 months I was working with her, continuous accountability, the confidence to follow my dreams the objective eye that kept me on track with not only the things I know (but sometimes I forget ) to do to keep me feeling balanced. But also someone there to reassure me that it was okay to beat my own drum when it comes to running my own business.

Who should work with Sarah? Anyone who is ready to do the work and looking mind, body and bank balance transformation. If that’s you Sarah Leather is your woman.

Susie Ashworth

Sarah Leather is the secret weapon you need when you want to make real progress in your business. Full of integrity, wisdom and experience, as a coach Sarah helps you to really see your big picture vision and then breaks it down into what needs to happen NOW to make it a reality.

ChiChi Erachula

When I first started working with Sarah I was passionate about my business, but I was also scattered and not earning enough.  Sarah helped me focus on ways to bring in real income with ease + grace. She taught me her feminine approach to sales, which I love. With her support and guidance I was able to turn my business around. In fact, this year I’m on track to double what I earned in my previous academic career. I was doing the work I loved when I met Sarah, but now I’m making money doing the work I love and that means a great deal to me.  Thank you, Sarah!

Desha Peacock







Glynnis Trinder

I’ve signed up 11 new clients in the last 6 weeks working with Sarah Leather! I’m a marketing message mentor and I help businesses to bottle their brilliance in words their clients connect with. A friend asked how I got so many new clients last month. The truth is, as Sarah Leather teaches, it’s not so much getting clients as *receiving* clients! They’re already out there, you just need to be in the right mindset to attract them. It’s about setting a clear intention, clearing out your blocks and being a clear channel for receiving.

Anna McLoughlin


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Successful applicants will be offered a clarity call to ensure that is an excellent fit.

The Infinity Streams Mastermind kicks off in September 2017. Places are limited.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the program last for?

9 months

Do you offer a refund if it is not for me?

Infinity Streams Mastermind is not refundable. In the unlikely situation where the Mastermind is not a good fit for you, you will be offered equivalent 1-on-1 work with Sarah or an alternative arrangement to suit.

I'm new to business. Would this suit me?

Infinity Streams Mastermind is not suitable for those who are new to business. However, it is suitable for you if you are changing direction within your business or need help to monetize a new focus.


My business is a product-based business. Would this suit my needs?

No, this program is designed for service-based businesses such as coaching, consulting, health practitioners and therapists.

What if I'm not sure if my business is right for this mastermind?

Fill in the application form and we can talk about that. No one will be invited to the mastermind unless it’s the right fit for them and their business. You can apply here.