Wholehearted Business

Leading female entrepreneurs
on their journey to success!

If you’re a female entrepreneur who’s ready for more higher paying clients
doing what you love, the Wholehearted Business School is for you!

Would you like more high paying clients?  

Are you in the coaching, health coaching, service based environment and need help with your business strategy?

Wouldn’t it be great if you landed your dream client and the perfect leads kept coming?

A wholehearted way
to business growth

To allow our business to grow we usually need to get out of our own way, stop the self sabotage and take inspired action to succeed.

The minute we get our support systems and processes in place is the time we can thrive.

I want you to fall in love with your business and have the support you deserve.

The Wholehearted Business School is a 12 month group coaching, training and mastermind program to support you and your business to grow.

Giving you everything you need to have a thriving online business filled with your dream clients,
this mastermind can help you take your business to $3-10k months whether you’re just starting out or you’ve been going a while.

The Wholehearted

Business School

Here’s what The Wholehearted Business School looks like:

12 glorious months of business support

Monthly mastermind business calls to get help with your strategy

Monthly mindset calls to stop the self sabotage and getting in your own way of success

Monthly training curriculum

Weekly office hours calls to answer any questions that come up

Access to the tech ‘how to’ vault with training on everything you need to run and grow your business

Highly supportive group of like-minded wholehearted women to support you


Facebook ads training
How to create and run your first webinar
One Thing Wonderland (4 module on-line course)
Private Facebook group to keep the conversation going and get support in between our calls.

Of course, our school
wouldn’t be complete without some
guest experts!

Naturally, I don’t know everything so I’ve asked some of my favourite entrepreneurial experts to come and share their expertise with us in live training sessions.

Laura Agar Wilson

Your Wholehearted Business Brand

Helen Prichard

LinkedIn Expert

Claire Gallagher

Your Website as a Business Tool

Marie Houlden

EFT Practitioner

Jojo Ivie

Your Marketing Framework

Kerri L Watt

PR and authority marketing

You will have access to superb training sessions on topics including:

Designing your big vision
Business models
Messaging and branding
Ideal clients
Pricing and income streams
Masterminds and group programs
Simple sales funnels
Business systems, your team and productivity
VIP days
High end offers
Social media and PR
Content creation and batching
Live events and profitable retreats
Writing books and more


Click the button below to book a FREE CLARITY CALL with Sarah Leather to see if the Wholehearted Business School is the right fit for you!

Contact Sarah’s team on admin@thesarahleather.com if you can’t find a time slot to suit and we will arrange one for you. 

Your Wholehearted Host

Sarah Leather

Hi! I’m Sarah Leather and I’ve been booked out for most of my 25+ years working with clients. Initially working  across two countries, several niches, in-person and online, the past five years I have been helping business owners find higher paying clients to make more money doing what they love.

Creating a profitable online business doesn’t need to be hard. I spend seven years going round in circles befriending overwhelm and exhaustion. The minute I got support to change my business model everything changed and instantly I tripled my income working half the hours.


I can help you design and thrive in the business and lifestyle that you crave.

I’m renowned for my nurturing butt-kicking coaching style.

I have a gift to notice self sabotage and help you get out of your own way so you can thrive doing the work you were born to do.

With love,

What my clients are saying…

I love the Wholehearted Business School (WBS), to have the Business Coaching / Mindset support from Sarah & ‘Team WBS’.  I have only been in a month & now have my packages priced, I understand the problem I solve, I’m more organised with my new 90 day plan. I’ve been creating systems for my paper dairy/ online that I love. I know my vision and goals. I’m more connected and aligned with my brand. To be in such a supportive group of wholehearted women on the same path is priceless. The membership site is so simple to use, I get excited to log in use what I need to help me start my new Coaching biz. In a word -Fabulous!

Margaret McDonald

Goddess In The City Coaching

6 months in & my outlook is completely different- I never thought I’d say this but I enjoy sales! I’ve had my biggest revenue month ever & just beaten that again.

Sarah’s earth shatteringly simple tips on productivity, mindset & energy management mean I’m spending less time on my business, more time on me & my family, yet earning more. It’s been truly life changing in a supportive environment of amazing women.

Lisa Gimenez-Codd

Optimum Health UK

Since working with Sarah I’ve had more clients than I actually dreamed possible.  My confidence in selling has grown and I feel like I’m ready for anything.  Her insight, support, challenge and encouragement have been invaluable. Every entrepreneur needs a ‘Sarah Leather’!

Jane Gray

The Unstuck Coach

I really wanted to thank Sarah Leather our amazing leader…for her year of unwavering support – not just as a business woman, but as an authentic, caring and passionate human.

Jacinta Pierce

The Decadent Minimalist

I think the balance of strategy, mindset and community that is offered through WBS is vital to sustain a self-employed business. In these rapidly changing times, we need to be flexible, but we can’t do it all either, so having the contacts and connections for what we need to learn, or someone who can bring the expertise into our business is also very important. 
I now have
 online clients and work 4 days & 1 night client availability instead of 6 days. I have a structured admin day where I do marketing, admin and work on my business. New website with clearer niche for online marketing. New email list to allow connection to my people. I am now looking at creating online group 1-many business model. 

Kate Kalin

Kate Kalin Kinesiology

Here’s what the Wholehearted Business School will look like…

Foundational Module: Your Big Vision & Goals, Your Target Market, Your Business Model, Price for Profit, 90 Day Plan, Your Fabulous Free Offer

Module 1: Easeful Marketing & Messaging
Module 2: Social Media & PR
Module 3: Wholehearted Selling
Module 4: High End Offers & VIP Days
Module 5: Group Programs & Masterminds
Module 6: Productivity & Focus
Module 7: Signature eCourses
Module 8: Business Systems
Module 9: Live Events & Retreats
Module 10: Content Creation for Blogs & Books
Module 11: Membership Sites
Module 12: Multiple Income Streams from Your One Thing

Wouldn’t it be awesome to have everything you need to grow your business in one place?

This Business School is for you if…


  • You work within coaching, consulting, health, healing or a service-based industry
  • You want to earn $3-10k consistently each month
  • You love being part of a beautiful group of like-minded women sharing the same goals and values
  • You would love to have everything you need to grow, group coaching and training, in one place
  • You need a step-by-step growth strategy to rid overwhelm
  • You will thrive on group support to stop sabotaging your success and become the best version of your business and pure self

Wholehearted Business School Packages


Participate in a LIVE round of Sarah’s GET MORE CLIENTS PROGRAM (has sold at $997 in the past!).
The GET MORE CLIENTS PROGRAM will be run through WBS and spans over 6 weeks.


Get a constant flow of paying clients!

   12 Month Curriculum
   Monthly Business Strategy Calls
   Monthly Business Mindset Calls
   Regular Office Hours
   Guest Expert Trainings
   Bonus Training Courses
   Tech Vault
   90 Day Planning Workshops


Take your business to the next level by leveraging with group programs, workshops & courses

   12 Month Curriculum
   Monthly Business Strategy Calls
   Monthly Business Mindset Calls
   Regular Office Hours
   Guest Expert Trainings
   Bonus Training Courses
   Tech Vault
   90 Day Planning Workshops
   2 x 3 hour Group VIP Deep Dive Planning Session each 6 months to plan the next 6 months, create your vision/intensions/business strategy & blitz any mindset blocks)
   4 x 1:1 Training Implementation Sessions each quarter, the first one being a 90 minute Deep Dive Session
   Monthly VIP Group Calls where you can get coached on anything
   Free Tickets to my LIVE Workshops (UK + Ireland)
   Discount for the Healthy Wealthy Goddess Retreat

WBS Gold is my ‘Inner Circle’ group. It’s a smaller, more intimate group where we go way deeper into your business & mindset than in Silver. 

Frequently Asked Questions

I'm new to business. Would this suit me?

The Wholehearted Business School is suitable for both new and established businesses on their journey towards 6 figures.


How long is the program and what commitment do I need to give?

As with any program, the outcome relates to your commitment to your dreams. The program lasts for 12 months and there are group calls and training sessions available to you each month.

Is there a payment plan?

You can choose to pay in full or split the payment over 12 months.

Who else will be in the School?

Like-minded female entrepreneurs who run their own business and are shooting for the stars. You will be surrounded by wholehearted women who want to help you succeed.

Does Sarah do all the live calls?

Most of the calls are facilitated by Sarah. She has a team of expert coaches who will run calls from time to time.

I sell products not services, would this program suit me?

No. This program is designed for service-based businesses including coaching, consulting, health practitioners and therapists.

What if I'm not sure if my business is right for this Program?

If you’d like to speak to Sarah first to see if the Wholehearted Business School is the right fit for you, please send a clarity call request to admin@thesarahleather.com

If it isn’t for me, can I have a refund?

The Wholehearted Business School is a 12 month commitment to yourself and your business. If, however, you are not 100% satisfied with the experience offered, we will release you with no questions asked. Just send us an email to admin@thesarahleather.com within 1 month of your first payment and you will not be charged again. If you’ve paid in full then you will receive a pro-rata refund.