I work with 2 types of female entrepreneurs

Those who need to stop being quite so nice and start selling their services

I see you.

You know what you need to be doing but aren’t showing up consistently.

You hide behind your laptop doing all the ‘busy’ work that doesn’t actually get you any clients.

If only people could afford to work with you. But even when you discount your prices, they still say it’s too much.  If only you could do your work and not spend all day procrastinating over all the marketing stuff.

You need clarity on your message, you need to be more consistent and you need to feel more confident selling your services.

You just want to help people and wish it wasn’t so hard. If only you could just give away your services and money would just appear in your account….

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Those who want to make a lot more money with more ease

To move away from overwhelm and get their life back. 

These women have been in business for some time or are pivoting their business as they just can’t do the same work any more.

They’re ready for a ‘Signature Business’ where they become known for one thing and create their ‘signature solution’ which magnetises their dream clients.

They may want much higher paying one-to-one clients or are ready to go one-to-many with workshops, group programs, masterminds and retreats.

They know that business doesn’t happen overnight so are all in for 12 months of support with Sarah Leather, her team and her soul sisters in this business mastermind called Signature Academy. A beautiful mix of training calls, business Q & A Calls, highly supportive intimate group & a choice of whether you have one-to-one support with Sarah, Signature Academy may be just what you need to finally have the business and lifestyle you dream about.

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Working with Sarah has been my best business investment yet! 

Since working with Sarah I’ve had more clients than I actually dreamed possible. 

My confidence in selling has grown and I feel like I’m ready for anything. 

Her insight, support, challenge and encouragement have been invaluable.

Every entrepreneur needs a ‘Sarah Leather’!

Jane Gray

The Unstuck Coach

Even with years of coaching under my belt I knew I needed guidance. I chose Sarah because of her balanced approach to business growth; she’s the perfect combination of strategy and mindset. When I hit an emotional wall and no longer trusted myself, Sarah was there to bring me back to reality. As I opened a new area of business, she knew the steps to take and offered resources that I would have had to find elsewhere. Sarah helped me hit my first and then subsequent $10k months.

Tam Veilleux

Coach & Creative

Sarah Leather is the secret weapon you need when you want to make real progress in your business. Full of integrity, wisdom and experience, as a coach Sarah helps you to really see your big picture vision and then breaks it down into what needs to happen NOW to make it a reality. Our time together was the catalyst that helped me really get clear on what I wanted to create in my business and life and then actually go after it. With her support, encouragement and accountability she helped me move through my previous resistance and procrastination and get traction in key areas. Things that I had been wanting to do for ages, in our time together got done. I created new revenue streams in my business, raised my 1:1 prices and more recently launched my first high level mastermind, all because of Sarah. Her level of care for her clients is second to none and she will always be at the top of my list of coaches who I admire and respect.
Chichi Eruchula