VIP Days transformed my business. I went from selling single sessions at €60 to selling VIP Days & packages for €2500. I sold one every week for 30 weeks in a row, creating my first 10k months on repeat.

A highly profitable VIP Day (also called a Strategy Day or Intensive) is an incredible experience for you and your client.

In the VIP Days Masterclass you will learn

How to create, market, sell & deliver your highly profitable VIP Day

How to deliver your ‘day’ in person or virtually

How to create a VIP Day 1:1 or for a group

“I landed my first VIP Day within 2 days of this masterclass!” – VB, UK

“I sold 3 VIP Days at 3k each in a month. Thank you for this Masterclass Sarah, I’m in love with working this way.” – TH, UK