#014: Create Your Signature System in 6 Minutes

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This one is for every woman who has ever suffered from marketing angst, fear of visibility or resisted sharing her story because she thought she had nothing of value to say.

Have you ever longed to tell a story that creates a deep connection with your ideal clients?

Or wondered how to identify the exact steps to solve their problems

What if you could figure this out in just six minutes in a way that’s totally aligned to you and your business? 

I know that’s got you pricking up your ears, so tune in, because I’m lifting the lid on: 

  • The quick and easeful way to create your Signature System
  • How to uncover the words that magnetise your ideal clients to you (even if you doubt you’ve got anything of interest to say)
  • The seemingly unrelated life events that inspired my 3-step process for my group coaching programme
  • How you can access support to double your income in half the time

Key takeaways:

  • When people hear your story they resonate deeply with your message
  • High profile events don’t really change your business (unless you’re  Brené Brown)
  • Businesses are built on relationships and connections

Featured on the episode & useful links: 

  • Maria’s Story TEDx talk – The Sarah Leather
  • Ready to show up, believe and receive? Online Business Sistas is the beautiful container where you can access community, support and the mindset work that will allow you to step up in a much bigger way AND get paid accordingly. You don’t have to do this alone.
  • Come and join us in my free Facebook community where I’ll be running a fabulous training very soon all about running a group programme: Make a Million in Menopause