#020: Let Go & Lead With Love

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Being the CEO and leader of your business means letting go of what doesn’t serve you and leading with love. It’s about creating our own mini-revolution, tearing down what’s not working and rebuilding with incredible purpose. It’s scary, necessary and incredibly powerful.

If you’re ready to take aligned action to move your business forward, then look no further than this episode where I share about:

  • Why quick decisions can often deliver better answers
  • My line in the sand about what I’m no longer available for
  • What leadership looks like moving towards the seven figure mark
  • Why embracing social selling

Key takeaways:

  • Liberation is what’s waiting for you on the other side of fear
  • Stepping up as a leader means letting go of what’s holding you back
  • Don’t let procrastination or excuses get in the way of marketing and selling in your business

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