#022: Confidence & Signature Success with Lisa Fox

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It’s been an incredible week at Her Signature Business HQ!

We have a brand new office in the garden overlooking the ocean.

Client successes have gone through the roof, 10K+ months have gone from a distant dream to a reality for many.

One of those clients is Lisa Fox. Recording this episode was so fun. Be warned, there are one or 2 rude words!!! Lisa is a Confidence Coach for mothers and in this episode of Her Signature Business she shares her story of an (essential) pivot with her offline business at the start of the pandemic, pivoting again more recently to follow her heart.

In just a couple of months she has created a 10K/month business doing the work she adores. She’s showing up, serving at a high level and helping the women who need her.

‘I’d never been part of a group program until I joined yours Sarah. I’d known for years that I wanted to have an online business and thought an online school could be scaled. I knew it was the way to go. But being in a group & KNOWING that others have the same struggles, it makes you able to bust through them in no time. I’m learning from the other’s experiences. Now I know the power of that, I know for sure that I’ll have a group program because that’s how I can best help people and they will have huge breakthroughs.’

Visit Lisa at https://www.facebook.com/lisafox.lionesstribe 

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