#028 The Mindset to Scale to Multi-6 Figures  (& have fun along the way!)

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Are you sacrificing your long-term vision for short term success? This is a question I’m always asking my mastermind clients.

Yes, we need to make money in the short-term. Every business owner needs to know how to create cash fast. Without cashflow- a business is not a business. 

I want every one of my clients to have a ‘scaling’ mindset. To scale your business means 3 things:

  1. More clients
  2. More money
  3. Less time

I love working with a ‘3 year scale plan’. Of course we never know exactly where we will be in 3 years but if we have a scale plan then we know what we need to focus on over the next 6-12 months to move towards the 3 year goal. 

I have the dates of my signature workshops mapped out for the next 6 months which means I know the focus with my business every week.

You can have a 3 year scale plan to get to 6, multi-6 or 7 figures. 

The best way I know how to get there is with a hybrid group coaching program. Yes, there are lots of business models that can take you to the income you desire. But for me, it’s so important that my clients get the best results possible. For this, they need more than coaching or training alone. They need help with accountability, implementation and focus.
They need mindset help to keep them on the path when their brain tells them they are not in the mood today (top tip- stop waiting to be in the mood). And they also need reminding to have some fun along the way.

Scaling needs to be SIMPLE. You need a strategy to do it. That’s why I love The 1:Many Method SO much. It’s a simple plan to fill your Signature Workshop to fill your Signature Program.

Scaling also needs a lot of mindset support. It’s one thing to have a plan, it’s another to implement and show up. I have a process I use with my clients that helps them to see their thoughts are creating their current reality. I help them to align their thoughts to the results they want to create and this is where the magic happens. Your business can’t outgrow the belief you have in yourself to run it.

A big part of working my 3 year scale plan is being accountable to my ‘boss’. Of course I’m the CEO of my company but there’s something more important than me. My calendar.
If you want a crystal ball to tell you exactly what’s going to happen in your business, then look at your calendar. It’s all there. Or not!

I build a lot of spaciousness into my schedule. Time for deep thinking & journaling.

But mostly it’s lead gen, lead nurture, lead conversion & delivery to clients with my group calls. Not so sexy! But that’s where the fun and freedom is.

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