#031: Create Clients With Facebook Groups

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Love it or hate it, Facebook is an incredible free marketing tool.
One of the most valuable parts of this platform is the ability to harness groups to create clients.

As I’m sure you’ve heard me say before, clients are not created on Facebook. Or any other social media platform, or your website.

Clients are created in your mind with your thoughts. I’m not going to go into this too much today as I want to give you some fab tips on using groups to generate, nurture and convert leads into paying clients.

You have 2 choices with groups:

1. Other people’s groups

  • Find groups where your people are (search for them).
  • Follow the guidelines- don’t get on the wrong side of the group owner/admins. Eg don’t go live when it’s against the guideline!
  • Comment & create engagement before offering anything.
  • Track the groups you are in & when you can post.
  • Go all-in with 3 groups.
  • Paid groups can be amazing for marketing but you need to be mindful

2. Your own group:

  • An amazing way to gather potential clients, give great value and invite them to take the next steps with you. Have a distinct purpose for your group- don’t be too vague or general.
  • The group name needs to be clear who it’s for & what they’ll get out of it.
    You can ask questions when they request to join, tag people on posts that may interest them
  • Use a spreadsheet to track your members, especially the answers to the questions.
    You need to take the details from the answers BEFORE you approve them as once they’re gone, they’re gone.
  • Create engagement: polls, questions, copy posts, tell stories, livestreams (important to do these) etc
  • Have the group set up well in the settings.
  • Totally fine to have ‘approve all posts’ function on.

Here is my basic group strategy with my own group:

  • Run a monthly 5-day virtual retreat where I give incredible value.
  • Do a weekly live show in-between.
  • Post most days.
  • Have some cool stuff in the Guides eg weekly live show replays.

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