#041 Do this ONE thing each day to skyrocket your visibility & success

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We all know that we have to get out of our comfort zone to be more successful. It’s not new. We know that what we want is on the other side of our comfort zone. But we can get stuck as to how to do this. Most women I work with are over 40, maybe stepping into peri-menopause or menopause.
They can be totally unaware of why they are not as courageous as in the past. I didn’t used to have a problem asking for a testimonial. Or putting my prices up.
Or asking for press.
Going on telly.
When I did 2 TEDx talks I realised I was imploding with fear.
What if I messed up?
What if I failed? The way to deal with this is to purposely put yourself in uncomfortable territory.
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