This 5 day online retreat you will inspire you to market your business in a gentler & simpler way- and get much better results

How to create your first group program

How to price and package your program

The mindset for millions with group programs

How to get dream leads to fill your program

The best way to sell your program with The 1:Many Method

18th to 22nd October 2021








For midlife established coaches and consultants who are:

Worn out from doing all the programs and courses & throwing spaghetti at the wall

Ready to stop under-earning and finally grow to 6 and multiple 6 figures

Inspired to get amazing results for their clients and themselves

Ready to move away from overwhelm & have a simple plan to make a lot more money

Working with Sarah I’ve transitioned my 1:1 decluttering service to recurring monthly income, supporting nearly 100 women with my online decluttering academy.

Anne-Marie Kingston

In Sarah’s signature program I launched my first round of The Style Solution to 15 amazing ladies.

I couldn’t be happier!

Sharon Huggard

Sarah’s 1:Many Method challenge gave me an awesome energetic boost after her advice to simplify my niche (and much more!). I scheduled and ran four live workshops in the next two weeks, had leads reaching out to me, had at least a dozen sales calls, sold three products, and added about 40 women to my newsletter.  Poof – that’s some sweet ROI for a free challenge.

Ella Manor

I went from 1:1 in my hypnotherapy clinic to having 30 in my online Signature Weight Loss Program, having worked with Sarah in her group program.
I highly recommend her program.

Rosie Callaghan

About Sarah Leather, your retreat host

Sarah is an experienced & highly trained entrepreneur & has been running her business for over 30 years. But the first 20 of those were hard work with a 1:1 model of low-cost hourly sessions which led to burnout.

Once she learned how to scale in a simple way with group programs, everything changed.

She now runs a multiple 6 figure business from home doing the work she loves.She is a champion for midlife women in business and understands the challenges of peri-menopause and menopause, especially when it comes to lack of confidence, brain fog and anxiety and the devastating effects these have on a business. 

If you want to get results, then this is the virtual retreat is for you.