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EP #6: Be Seen & Heard

In this episode Sarah Leather talks about her struggles with confidence earlier this year and what you can do to be seen & heard so that you can get more clients and make more money, doing less not more. Read more…

EP #5: Your Signature Message

In this episode, Sarah leather talks about the importance of your message and how to create yours in a few minutes. Get your pen and paper ready, this episode could change everything for you.

Read more…

EP #4: First Big Lesson in Sales

Today I have a question for you. Did you have a lemonade stand when you were young? In this episode Sarah talks about how it always makes her laugh that so many entrepreneurs tell their story of how they were destined for entrepreneurship because they had a lemonade stand. Read more…

EP #3: 5 Minute Mindset Reset

This week’s topic is my 5 Minute Signature Solution. It’s often said that 90% of success in business comes down to your mindset. You may agree or disagree with that that it’s all about the mindset, but in my experience, there’s an awful lot of truth in it. When people come to me for support in their business, they usually ask for three things. Read more…

EP #2: Your Business Model

This is episode number two, and we’re talking about your business model. I adore talking about all things business models because it’s such an incredibly important part of business, and it’s a part of business that a lot of business coaches don’t teach or don’t talk about. The reason being, most business coaches recommend the same model that has been successful for them, and on the greatest part that can work. But not always.  Read more…

EP #1: All Things Signature Business

In this introductory episode, Sarah Leather shares her journey from when she was a nurse at 17 to being a 50’something business owner who helps other women to stop doing ‘all the things’ and create a profitable coaching style business doing the one thing they adore.