I signed a €10K client today and a €5K VIP Day yesterday!

Aoife, Ireland

From €0-250K in 2 years- I couldn’t have done it without you Sarah.

Deirdre, Ireland

I’m celebrating my first €50K month. I’m so happy & grateful for Sarah Leather.

Lisa, Ireland

When I started with you I was working 50+ hours a week for 5-10k mths. Now I’m working half the hours for £20+ mths.

Teresa, UK

I’m on my way to $100K this quarter. YES!!!!

Deborah, Canada

Sarah Leather is a Business & Mindset Mentor and Simplicity Strategist who helps brilliant business owners to stop under-earning & over-giving for good!

She is known as ‘The Queen of Simplicity’ as she is obsessed with helping them to create clients and money by being outrageously themselves in the simplest way possible.

Bye bye complicated business.
Hello spaciousness, simplicity and sustainable wealth.

Sarah works with women who know there is more there for them. They know they’re playing too small, working too hard but not getting the rewards they want. They are often overwhelmed and Sarah helps them to get their life back. She’s known as ‘the nurturing butt-kicker’ as she’s always kind but will give her clients a ‘loving shove’ when needed.

First, she helps them to get clarity on their SIMPLE . They need to know what they want. It sounds simple. But so many people don’t actually know this.

Next, she helps them create the business model (the way they attract & work with their clients) that will support the lifestyle business they crave. This is done by sharing value and growing an audience. This usually means creating higher paying packages for 1:1 work and then adding in some kind of group program such as group coaching, mastermind, or online course.

Later, it’s time for something more ‘passive’ so that their business works when they aren’t.

See how powerful this is?

Sarah has been working with women for over 30 years and is obsessed with helping them to achieve their dreams. Originally an Intensive Care Nurse, Sarah went on to qualify as a Naturopath who ran a booked out practice for 25 years specialising in women’s health. She had a best selling book, appeared on national TV several times and created online courses and group programs. Sarah went on to do extensive coaching and business training in 2008 and now works with individuals and groups to get the success they crave while having the lifestyle they want. Sarah is well known for her masterminds, especially Simplicity Inner Circle where women from all over the world get more clients, leverage their business with a 1: many model and make money doing the work they adore.

She helps them to get clarity and grow their confidence, which means having a unique business that’s completely aligned to them. Her podcast, called Uncomplicated, inspires women to sell and confidently make the money they want, on their terms. Bye bye people pleasing! 

Originally from Australia, Sarah lives in beautiful West Cork in Ireland with her hubby of 30 years, their 4 nearly grown-up children, breeding guide dog Indi & a badly behaved cat.