Get instant access to
Simple Offer School.

A magical masterclass and Q&A to create more clients fast. This 2-hour masterclass will change the way you think about offers forever.

Get instant access to Simple Offer School.

 A magical masterclass and Q&A to create more clients fast. This 2-hour masterclass will change the way you think about offers forever.

Hello lovely. I’m Sarah Leather.

I help women make a lot more money by signing up more higher paying clients and simply scaling to multiple 6-figures.

I work with coaches & consultants who are ready to get more clients and make more money without killing themselves in the process.

The thing is, your next 100k is sitting right under your nose.

I see you.

You’re sitting at your keyboard wondering what you can post that’s going to make a difference. What can you say that will bring in the next client so that you can reach people who will become higher paying clients? 

You know you’re amazing at your work (even though you sometimes wonder if you need to do just one more certification…).

You know there are lots more people you can help.

You’re doing all the things and you have clients. But something is off.

There is a simple answer.

It’s called The Simplicity Solution:

  1. Simple OFFER Suite- create or hone irresistible offers that virtually sell themselves
  2. Simple MESSAGING that’s so good it has your dream client saying ‘I’ll have what she’s having!’
  3. A simple system to SELL that moves your dream clients from quietly stalking you to saying a wholehearted YES to working with at your higher prices
    4. Next-level CEO identity. This is the mindset and energetics to have and hold higher paying clients.

Let me show you how you can attract them to you in a much more easeful way.

The thing is, they’re not hiding.

They are right under your nose.

But like your nose, you can’t see it yourself!

You just need the right offer, the simple messaging and a simple system to sell your beautiful offer to the right person. Everything you need is right here.

I can’t wait to show you how.

I’m a Business Mentor
helping women to get more clients by simplifying their offers,
helping them to show up
and cultivating the rock-solid belief
they can do it.

Clients want freedom and space.

That means saying no to what no longer serves them and a wholehearted YES to what does.

I help my clients to simply scale to 30-50K months on repeat.

It’s not just about the money we make, it’s about who we become along the way.

I have a wild vision of impacting thousands of women and helping my clients to reach their financial goals, in less time.

This is the journey I’m on & I’m not going alone.

Are you coming with me?

I felt like my business had plateaued. I was frustrated, on the edge of burnout, and couldn’t see a way forward. I knew it was time to level-up and get a coach. At our very first session, Sarah ran her keen eye over my biz, suggested some simple but significant tweaks and together we turned things around. Sarah supported me through the changes, and they quickly led to a 30K month that was fun and easeful and, going forward, will be definitely be sustainable. Working with Sarah has also helped me settle into a more confident way of showing up and serving my clients while at the same time taking good care of myself. Sarah’s ‘loving shoves’ woke me up to a more focussed, efficient and holistic way of doing business that is a win win for my clients and for me. Working with Sarah has enriched my life on all levels. I am incredibly grateful to have found her!

Jen Storer

Author & Creativity Coach

Thank you Sarah for the gentle, loving shove you keep giving me which has allowed my business to prosper and grow. The ease and peace I feel in my work is priceless. I trained as a wellbeing expert, not a business expert! Your expertise has given my work the turbo boost it needed to get in front of the right clients at the right price. I feel valued and give more value. I recommend Sarah to any business owner seeking to move beyond ‘throwing spaghetti at the walls’!

Dr. Leila Davis

The Relationship Whisperer

When I started working with Sarah, I knew to grow my business I had to address my mindset & approach. I hated sales – they made me feel cringey & uncomfortable. 6 months in & my outlook is completely different- I never thought I’d say this but I enjoy sales! I’ve had my biggest revenue month ever & just beaten that again. Sarah’s earth-shatteringly simple tips on productivity, mindset & energy management mean I’m spending less time on my business, more time on me & my family, yet earning more. It’s been truly life changing in a supportive environment of amazing women.

Lisa Gimenez Codd

When I first started working with Sarah I was passionate about my business, but I was also scattered and not earning enough.  Sarah helped me focus on ways to bring in real income with ease + grace.

She taught me her feminine approach to sales, which I love. With her support and guidance I was able to turn my business around. In fact, this year I’m on track to double what I earned in my previous academic career. I was doing the work I loved when I met Sarah, but now I’m making money doing the work I love and that means a great deal to me.

Desha Peacock

Sarah literally made my business grow.  In fact with her systems she helped me grow my hobby into a business.  With her experience, her expertise and her love for businesses and women who love them – she does that.

Kerry Hales

Transformational Life Coach,

As Seen In