#071 The 30K Way – 3 things to do daily to get your next 3 clients

Key Takeaways: Know exactly what you’re selling and to whom (target audience); do your Daily Non-Negotiables (DNNs) – grow audience, nurture audience, make offers; Take care of your mindset, energy, and physical wellbeing... Read more

#070 How to Uncomplicate Your Business​

When did your business become SO complicated?

In this episode, I share with you what I see with clients and colleagues making things way more complicated than they need to be and how to fix it… Read more

#069 Keeping things simple, body first with Christy Nichol

I love nothing more than my clients taking exquisite care of themselves while growing their businesses.

It was such a joy to speak with Christy Nichol and hear about her ‘body before business’ philosophy. Christy doesn’t just teach… Read more

#068 Sell Without Selling – the Uncomplicated Way

Over the last couple of years, my work has become about 1 thing: Simplicity.

I help women to radically simplify their businesses and lives. This brings them more clients, more money, and more time for themRead more

#067 Your Daily Non-negotiables with Marketing

It is so important to know what simple tasks you need to do each day in your business.

But it’s so easy to get caught up in the ‘busy work’ of running your business and working with clients … Read more

#066 Simplicity Session with Aneta Idczak​

I am speaking with my amazing client Aneta Idczak who is an experienced Trauma-informed Somatic Coach, Teacher and Trainer.

Aneta has experienced huge success over the past few months and has many valuable tips to share with you. … Read more

#065 My Journey to Radical Simplicity​

In episode 065 My Journey to Radical Simplicity I speak about why I’ve made so many changes to my business & life over the past 6 months.

80% of our income usually comes from 20% of our activities. I went on a journey to eliminate the 80% … Read more

#064 Reinventing your career and business with Martha​

Today I speak with my client Martha Clarke about her continual reinvention in her business and life. Martha is an astrologer and astrocartographer.

She has used astrology in her own life to find purpose, identify the best places in the world to live, and the best ways to live … Read more

#063 When to Close Down a Successful Program

Next in the Reinvention Sessions I talk about the ups and downs of business growth.

There will come times when you are running your business when you begin to question a program you are selling.
You may question the length of the program, the price or how you are marketing … Read more

#062 Healthy Menopause & Business

with Lisa from Optimum Health

Today I speak with Lisa Gimenez-Codd about all the healthy things in peri-menopause and menopause while growing a healthy business.

Specialising in supporting women through perimenopause … Read more

#061 Reinventing with Group Programs

Interview with Pamela Quiery

It never stops amazing me the path some people take to get to their dream business.
In this episode, Parent Coach Pamela Quiery shares her fascinating career path and how she has reinvented herself so many times … Read more

#060 Writing a Business Book with Dr Ricki

Have you thought about creating a book to promote your business? In this episode, I interview ‘Dr Ricki’ about her midlife reinvention as part of the Reinvention Sessions.

Ricki Heller is a writer, book coach and editor. After working for over a decade in the world of holistic nutrition, “Dr Ricki” rekindled her love of words to focus on a new business. Ricki holds a PhD in English and loves … Read more

#059 Making Important Decisions in Your Business

Do you struggle to make decisions in your business?
Procrastination much?
Confused about all the things?

Successful people make decisions and move … Read more

#058 Brain Fog, Menopause & Business

I’m still buzzing after the Menopause Summit on Saturday- a real live event where I got to connect with so many leaders in the industry.
It was organised by Wellness Warrior Catherine O’Keeffe and my notebook is bursting with takeaways.

One of the many speakers that stood out for me was Dr Sabina Brennan, a health psychologist and neuroscientist who spoke about … Read more

#057 Slow Down to Speed up for 5k Months

Growing an online business takes time.

I took the longest time- many years –  to make $500 a month online and then another year to make 5k a month. In this episode, I talk about how slowing down is actually a good thing and how to stop giving yourself a hard time because you’re not ‘there’ yet.

Everyone wants the ‘formula’ for 5k months. Yes, you need to know … Read more

#056 The Simple Way to 5k Months

In this episode I share my number one strategy for making money in my business & it’s probably not what you think!

I go on a bit of a rant (in a great way) about how to have a profitable business that puts you first.

I’m running a free masterclass soon called The 5k Mind. This masterclass will show you … Read more

#055 Your Zone of Magic in Midlife

Are you working in your ‘Zone of Magic?’ Once you’re there, you can make more impact and income.

In this episode I share with you how I get out of confusion into my magic zone. The first step is to check is not to work out your life purpose, but something different (and so much more useful and fun).

Take a look at the Zone of Magic Masterclass, it is an incredible process… Read more

#054 Lessons Learned About Business in Quarantine

In this episode of Marketing in Midlife Sarah speaks about her experience of quarantining in Australia.

She shares:
– Her version of Wilson in Castaway
– A story about the neighbours and what it’s taught her about marketing
– How she created so much spaciousness from deleting apps on her phone… Read more

#053 We are not retiring. We are just getting started.

I’ve heard many women lately talk about retiring and they don’t understand why it’s not for me.

My friends who are business owners get it. It’s great to be able to retire any time they choose. But it’s also amazing to choose to do your soul’s calling. No matter what age you are.

‘I don’t want to spend my days going to galleries and knitting’ said Marlene, an entrepreneurial colleague & mentor… Read more

#052 Customer Experience in Midlife with Deirdre Martin

On this week’s episode, Sarah speaks with her client Deirdre Martin. Deirdre is an expert in Customer Experience and shares so much value.

Many small service-based businesses struggle to attract and retain their ideal clients. With marketing and customer experience coaching, they clarify their message and effectively craft their customer’s journey… Read more

#051 The 1:Many Masterclass

This episode is a replay of the live 1:Many Masterclass from Sarah Leather.
In this masterclass, Sarah shares:

What 1:Many means
-The types of 1:Many programs & how to scale your business with one… Read more

#050 The Ups & Downs of Business with Sharon Huggard

On this week’s episode Business Mentor Sarah Leather speaks with her client Sharon Huggard.

Sharon works with women who are hiding/ holding themselves back as they are measuring their self-worth on the scales, in the mirror or on a clothes tag to find the freedom to live their lives to the fullest, taking opportunities and making memories… Read more

#049 What if you fail?

When coaching clients and asking/digging around to see what’s really going on, they often speak about their fears. The words ‘what if I fail’ come up time and time again.

What if no one sees my posts?
What if I don’t know what to say?
What if I don’t get any clients … Read more

#048 A Well Worn Path to Creating Clients

You don’t ‘get clients’ you create them. When someone starts out in business, they search for the right path to clients.

But like other paths, the path to creating clients is done by walking the distance over and over again… Read more

#047 Menopause as your Superpower in Business

These days there is a lot of talk and much being done for menopause support in the workplace (& about time too). Finally, the incredible talent that women in their 40’s, 50’s & 60’s is beginning to be recognised. But what about women who are running their own business at this age & stage of their lives … Read more

#046 Confidence & Marketing

Throughout our time running our businesses, confidence drops for short periods.

This is normal. When it goes on for a significant period of time, then some extra support may be needed.

But having a coach who gets it can be a game-changer.

Lots of things help to create confidence in your marketing, such as consistency … Read more

#045 The Joy Of Leaky Holes In Your Marketing

I’ve spoken before about plugging your leaking holes in your business (see episode 013) where I spoke about stopping turning up the tap to solve the problem but instead needing to ‘plug’ your leaks. This is still true in many areas of your business, but I want to share some thoughts I’m having around this … Read more

#044 The real reasons you’re not consistent with marketing

We are often told the reasons that we’re not showing up consistently in our businesses is because we lack discipline, we are self-sabotaging or need to be better at focusing.

I don’t believe this is usually the problem and can just add to the shame we already feel for not doing business ‘properly’.

I believe it is because of trauma. We all have some form of trauma and it affects up in different ways… Read more

#043 Your 3 Step Roadmap for Millions in 2022

Before we lurch forwards into the coming year, first we need to reflect on 2021 and all that we are grateful for.
This episode doesn’t focus on gratitude, however it is mentioned first as it’s so important to look at what has happened for us over the past year.
What this episode focuses on is the 3 steps that make the framework for your 3 year scale plan… Read more

#042 The Mindset for Scaling to 6 & 7 figures with Group Programs​

In this episode, Sarah speaks about the one thought that is now her guiding light towards 7 figures & what it was when she was on the path to 6 figures.

Whether you are currently working 1:1 & thinking about a group program, you feel you’re not ready for group, or possibly have a group but would like to fill it with more ideal clients, then this is a ‘must-listen’ episode… Read more