I help women to grow a wildly successful business in less time,
and not kill themselves in the process.


Being clear & confident on the ONE epic thing you offer to the world.

Having a simple but powerful message to share.

Having dream clients reach out to you.

Having a simple but highly successful system for selling.

Being highly focused & productive during your working hours with lots of time off to enjoy your life.

Your business, your rules.

I grew a wildly successful business while growing my family

From working while my kids were at school & in the evenings while they were in bed, I hustled to get my previous business to 6 figures. I worked long hours and was so close to burnout many times. I thought you had to work hard to make money. I wore busyness like a badge of honor.

But it was no fun.

Over the past 10 years I’ve worked out how to grow and scale a business in a much simpler way so that my clients can have the freedom that they started their business for in the first place.

Hustle & overwhelm are now banned in my world, instead I receive clients with grace and ease.

I now run
a multi-6 figure business
from home
in 4 days a week,
doing only the work I love
so I can also have the lifestyle I adore.

So many women tell me

They are worn out doing endless 1:1 work but are afraid to let any of it go.

They have no idea how many hours they are working but they know it’s a LOT.

They are a little bit addicted to their business and see it as part of their identity (like I did).

They are afraid to want more because they are already overwhelmed, how can they earn more without getting sick or burning out?

What I know is true

It’s not hard to scale to 10, 20 or 30K months but it takes a different mindset and different strategy to do this, rather than what you did to start your business.

What got you here won’t get you there.

It can be uncomfortable to grow and scale. Our brains don’t like discomfort, they want to keep us safe and small

If you’re ready to do what it takes to simply scale your business and stop staying small, Epic Mastermind is the right next step for you.

Scaling your business in 3 simple steps: 

1. Simplify your business model with your ‘ONE Signature Thing (OST)’.

There is no one way to run your business but there is a right way for you right now. 

Let’s narrow your focus and grow your profits. And make sure you’ve got a rock-solid foundation to grow from.

Imagine: You’ll have a lot less on your to-do list and will have the clarity and plan to get it done.

2. Your messaging, marketing and sales systems to scale.

When you have a clear message, everything becomes easier.

Imagine: You’re super clear on your message and how to get in front of your ideal people. They reach out to you, ready to do the work that you solve with your ONE epic thing.

3. Mindset & boundaries.

Mindset is everything (nearly).

Once you have the strategies to scale your business your way, you need the mindset for success. This means having clear boundaries with your clients and yourself.

Imagine: Having beautiful business and personal boundaries so that your clients know what to expect and you can build a sustainable business where you get your needs met.

How things work in Epic Mastermind

Virtual VIP Retreat Day 

You will gain clarity on what you’re doing in your business and the plan to get there over the next 6 months. We meet online for a full day of learning, planning and breakthroughs. You’ll walk away with your personalised plan to scale your business and know what your top 3 priorities are to focus on.

A Deep Dive Strategy Business Session with Sarah

Sarah no longer offers ongoing 1:1 coaching so these sessions are gold! Nothing is off limits on these calls. Your coaching will be bespoke for you, your industry and the business model and lifestyle you are creating. This is not a one-size-fits-all thing.

Weekly Group Coaching

Sarah will facilitate weekly mastermind calls via Zoom to coach members through their questions and challenges. You will get shifts from anything that is holding you back and stopping you from moving towards your goals. These calls will inspire and energise you to continually top up your business juju.

Private Facebook group

A mastermind is a community of peers. Being in this private community means you are at the table with other women who are leaders in their fields. Everyone has much to contribute and the connections made in Epic Mastermind are incredible. You get to share your wins, your challenges and receive the support you need. You get extra coaching and feedback from Sarah in the group, whether it’s your messaging posts or ideas for business growth.

 Are you coming?

This is open to female business owners who have a service such as coaching, consulting, designing, health practitioners and therapists.

Applications for Epic Mastermind are closed at the moment, but if you want to grow your business to 5, 10 or 20K months, please join the wait list. We will be in touch to let you know when the next round kicks off!

I felt like my business had plateaued. I was frustrated, on the edge of burnout, and couldn’t see a way forward. I knew it was time to level-up and get a coach. At our very first session, Sarah ran her keen eye over my biz, suggested some simple but significant tweaks and together we turned things around. Sarah supported me through the changes, and they quickly led to a 30K month that was fun and easeful and, going forward, will be definitely be sustainable. Working with Sarah has also helped me settle into a more confident way of showing up and serving my clients while at the same time taking good care of myself. Sarah’s ‘loving shoves’ woke me up to a more focussed, efficient and holistic way of doing business that is a win win for my clients and for me. Working with Sarah has enriched my life on all levels. I am incredibly grateful to have found her!

Jen Storer

Epic Mastermind Member

From the time I started working with Sarah back in 2018, she could envision my business and how I could grow & develop it when I could not see past my hands on decluttering sessions.

My 1:1 decluttering sessions were fully maxed out and I needed to leverage my business with an updated business model, which now consists of 1:1 hands-on sessions, membership site & zoom decluttering sessions, and all “doing the 1 thing” and doing it with ease.

She has supported me with my mindset, increasing my prices, giving my that loving shove when it’s needed, and help me get out of my own way that stops me from moving forward in my business from time to time.

I can highly recommend Sarah, for someone like me who was new to business back in March 2017 to now growing & evolving my 5-star decluttering business globally online.

I can not wait to see what is going to unfold in my business for the year ahead. I could not have done this without Sarah and my masterminders.

Anne-Marie Kingston

Epic Mastermind Member

Since working with Sarah my business has shifted from a purely 1:1 model to having a membership and 2 masterminds. Having $9-10K months is now my norm, compared with this time last year where $4K was a great month. As my 1:1 sessions reduce, my business is becoming more spacious whilst maintaining my income. I’d highly recommend Epic if you are ready to expand your business, while freeing up your time.

Jaquelyn Atkins

Epic Mastermind Member

Thank you Sarah for the gentle, loving shove you keep giving me which has allowed my business to prosper and grow. The ease and peace I feel in my work is priceless. I trained as a wellbeing expert, not a business expert!

Your expertise has given my work the turbo boost it needed to get in front of the right clients at the right price. I feel valued and give more value. I recommend Sarah to any business owner seeking to move beyond ‘throwing spaghetti at the walls’!

Leila Davis

Epic Mastermind Member

I did not know what I was doing in my business when I started working with Sarah. I knew I had so much potential and so much to offer but wasn’t sure what to offer it and how to.

I worked with Sarah one to one and also was part of two of her masterminds. Sarah holds a great safe nurturing space for you to grow and expand, guides you to grow a business that suits you – but isn’t afraid to tell you when you need to get your act together either.

I am so grateful for Sarah’s support and guidance, I would not be where I am today without her as my coach over the past few years.

Patricia Lohan

Even with years of coaching under my belt I knew I needed guidance. I chose Sarah because of her balanced approach to business growth; she’s the perfect combination of strategy and mindset. When I hit an emotional wall and no longer trusted myself, Sarah was there to bring me back to reality. As I opened a new area of business, she knew the steps to take and offered resources that I would have had to find elsewhere. Sarah helped me hit my first and then subsequent $10k months.

Tam Veilleux