Your dream clients are already in your audience. They are waiting for you to put the right offer in front of them.

You have some great clients. Some of them are dreamy. Some are not so dreamy.

You want more of them and to charge more.

But what if that means you have to work so much harder?
There’s no need to spend hours on sales calls only to hear ‘I can’t afford it’ or ‘It’s not a good time, I’ll come back when I’ve saved up’.

What if all of your clients were epic?

It’s time to start speaking to your new level of client.
One who is a bit further along the journey.
One who expects to pay well for the results you can deliver.
One who doesn’t stomp all over your boundaries and make you want to get a job in the local supermarket.

I get it.

I’ve always had lovely clients, but some left me feeling exhausted after our sessions.
Some defaulted on payments & others constantly rescheduled.
Sales calls took forever & often resulted in ‘I can’t afford it’.
My mentor said it was all part of doing business but I knew there was a better way. 

Small tweaks in my messaging made an epic difference. I was ready for things to change. 

If you have a sinking feeling when you see certain clients on your calendar, you are ready for your next level of client.

I figured out how to speak to the right person at the right stage of the journey for my offer. Bingo!
This is what I help my clients with & the focus of this 33-day masterclass intensive.

What we will cover in the 33-day intensive

Create simple & highly effective content that activates the people who are already in your audience to sign up to work with you   

How to stop speaking to the 90% of your audience who are never going to pay you & focus on the 10% that will pay your prices

 How to position yourself as a ‘must have’ rather than ‘nice to have someday, maybe’

 Why ‘pain point’ marketing feels so hard for you & what to do instead

The mindset needed to raise your expectations and standards to attract the best clients who are ready to do the work, create the results and sign with you over & over again

Here’s what you get:

33-day live coaching & mentoring program. We start April 2, 2024 & go all in until May 3, 2024

3 weekly live workshop training calls on Zoom

Q&A ‘ask me anything’

33-day group support with regular voice-note drops for strategy, inspo & insights

Lifetime access to all the replays, voice-notes & materials

Epic Messaging Masterclass 33-day Intensive is €1111

Epic super-earlybird offer until March 19:
€555 (or 3 x €188) 

How to have a Simple Offer Suite that has your dream clients buying on repeat to get paid every day

Why me:

  • I’ve been creating amazing clients for 33 years.
  • I’ve had consistent 30-50k sales months for the last 12+ months, with several 100k sales months over the past 5 years.
  • I’ve sold 15k offers without sales calls.
  • I’ve taught hundreds of women how to sell with more ease & fun. 
  • In the past, I’ve won the awards, done the TEDx talks (x 2!) & had a gazillion press opportunities. But these things didn’t create my success.

None of that equaled signing dream clients from simple content and messaging.

Learning how to speak to the epic clients I wanted to work with made all the difference.
Having simple offers that create incredible results for my clients, knowing what offer to put in front of my audience and knowing how to activate them to buy the offer they want, this is what makes an epically successful business and gets you your life back.

Your next level epic clients are closer than you think.
Let’s go!