#001: The Joy of Hormones & Business

On today’s episode I’m revealing the truth about hormones, menopause and your business. If you think you should be ‘winding down’ your business or career because that’s the societal norm, then listen up buttercup!

On today’s episode you will learn:

Why your changing hormones are the BEST thing to happen

The truth about making money in menopause

How to stop your thoughts about your hormones keep you playing small

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Show Transcript

I’m business and mindset mentor Sarah Leather. And this is the “Make a Million in Menopause” podcast, where you’ll learn how to grow a wildly successful online business from your home office during the most pivotal years of your life. Whether you’re dreaming of making a million over the next 10 years or so. Or like me, are doing it over the next two to three years, you are in the right place.

I’m delighted to be talking today about a subject very, very dear to my heart. We are talking about hormones and your business. Hormones and making money. Hormones and having the most amazing life you can have. Because this is really the essence of what this podcast “Make a Million in Menopause” is all about. We have from around early to mid-forties, as we are stepping into the perimenopausal phases. And then stepping more into menopause usually around our fifties. We have all sorts of things going on with our hormones. There are some hormones that are decreasing, some are increasing.

But the one I want to mention here today is estrogen or estrogen as it’s often pronounced. And this is the caring, nurturing hormone, the hormone that we need if we are going to make the babies if we’re going to get pregnant. We need high levels of estrogen to make us want to care for another human being. And we need those elevated levels throughout our earlier years in our twenties and thirties, when we’re having babies to make us want to care about them. So to make us not care so much about ourselves and maybe other things around. It made me laugh the first time I heard about friends who were pregnant before me that did things like forgetting to push the washing detergent into the washing machine and things like that. I thought they’d gone crazy. But they realized after a while, and particularly as I was doing that kind of work as well, working with women with hormones, realizing that that’s nature’s way of making us stop thinking about everything else and just think about the baby. And elevated estrogen is one the main hormones in that.

So when we’re going into perimenopause and into our menopausal years, the caring and nurturing hormone leaves the building, flies out the window, it decreases rapidly over the years. And I’m not going to go into any of the health implications here around that. But what it means, and I think this is such an important thing, is like I call it the joy of decreasing estrogen. The joy of it, because it means that we don’t have to care nearly so much for those around us. It’s our time. It’s nature’s way of wanting us to start focusing on ourselves, to start looking inwards, starts paying some attention to ourselves often for the first time in our lives.

In reality, we often have a lot of other things going on. Maybe parents that are getting older and need more care and support. Maybe there’s lots of other things, but it’s not the same as caring for a newborn, caring for a small child. It’s different. So we are actually nature makes us a way that we start getting a little bit more you might want to say selfish, but in a really, really good way. That it makes us think about like, how do I need to take care of me? What are my needs? What do I need right now?

And this is a fantastic time to grow a business. The babies are done, it’s time for business. And it’s just I see, it’s just such an important time for a woman. I think this is a time where women can fully come alive. And I think a business can be a fantastic expression of who this woman is being in the world. Now, not everybody wants to run their own business, but that’s what we are here for.

We are here for, on this podcast to talk about business. We’ll also be talking about bodies and bank balances as well. But the focus really is on growing a business through these incredible years of menopause and beyond. I really believe that women truly step into their power and can have, I really believe the second half their life can absolutely be the best half. And that it is such an incredible time for a woman to step into her own power, into her own essence of who she truly is. She has this opportunity now to do things that she hasn’t had the time or the energy for before. And now I think like we are so blessed by being able to run our own businesses. To live in an era where we have the internet, we have equipment, we have stuff that we need to run our businesses.

And it’s a time where a woman can, not just make enough money to survive, but to absolutely thrive and flourish through the next decades of her life. And a big part of this is what’s going on in her body is the hormone levels enable this sort of so that maybe that it’s easier to do it now than maybe it was in the twenties or thirties or early forties. And, I work with a lot of women during this state. Now, not all the women that I work with, some haven’t even started their families yet. Some have never had families and are way past that. Some have [inaudible 00:05:58]. I’ve worked with women from their mid twenties to their mid seventies and everything in between. But the majority of women I work with are in their fifties, many in their forties, but lots in their fifties as well. And this is an incredible time for making money.

It is an incredible time to be of service in a whole different way. This is an incredible time to give value out into the world, that’s what money is all about. Money is an exchange of value. The more money that you put out there, I like to look at it as like a value bank. You just keep making deposits into the value bank and you are going to reap the rewards. The value that you have been depositing will start to pay dividends over time.

I want you to really think about this time of your life. How it can be the time of your life to create the business that you absolutely be adore. And the business that is going to really serve you as you are being of service to everybody else, never of servitude. Being a business is all about service. It is not about being of servitude to anybody else. This is time for you to serve and your business to be of service to you.

And the way that your business is of service to you is by it enabling you to have the lifestyle that you crave and also to provide the money that is going to support that lifestyle, whatever that is. Whether you want to work five days a week, nine to five, or you want to work three days a week from 10 till four, it doesn’t matter. It what’s important is that you know what you want and you know that what’s going on in your body and what’s happening with your hormones is here to serve you. It’s an amazing thing that’s happening. And so many look at it as a negative thing. And that’s really crazy because this is the time of your life. It is the best time. I really believe that women really are coming into their prime in their fifties and beyond. And it really is a time where mother nature where our bodies are set up in a way that we can really step out there.

The opposite thing kind of happens to men as their testosterone decreases and their estrogen actually rises a little bit. So it’s very often why men make such good grandfathers that like they love small people. And I’m not saying that women don’t, but it’s different. It’s very different. So it is a time for women. And if you want to retire early and not work on your business, that’s absolutely fine. But I’m totally here for you if you are feeling like I do.

My husband often talks about retiring and how many years it is before he retires. And all I’m thinking in my mind is like, I haven’t really started yet. I’m just getting going. Even though I’ve been working in my business for 30 years now. It’s really is it’s 30 years since I first started a business. It was a very different business. It was a health based business, working mostly with women and hormones. And now I can see how important it was that I had that history. And how I really believe that we bring everything to our businesses that we’ve been doing for the past few decades. And how that’s just such an asset for our clients and our customers and people that we work with because nothing’s a mistake. Nothing that you’ve done in the past, whether you were working in the corporate field. Whether you were running some kind of business. Whether you were at home or caring for others. It doesn’t matter what you’ve been doing, but whatever you have been doing is all brought forward now.

If you’re listening to this podcast, it’s your time. It really is time to step up and step out there. And I just want to say to you that what’s happening with your hormones is the most incredible thing that could be happening, it’s wonderful. It really is something you can harness to bring your very best to your business and to your clients and to yourself first. Because we cannot serve others unless we serve ourselves first. We have to put ourselves first. We have to put our needs first. And the way I like to look at that is like, first thing in the morning, when you get up, what kind of things are you doing? Do you have some kind of morning ritual that sets you up for the day? And if you don’t, it’s time to start looking at that. But we’ll be doing a separate episode all about morning rituals, because really you can just bring yourself to your day in such a way that is so fruitful for you and for your clients.

So I’m going to wrap up now, but I just want you to think about, how have you been thinking about hormones? Have you been thinking their a negative thing that is hindering you for this kind of work that you’re doing? Or can you maybe look at them in a much different way? So you know that it’s here to support you. Your hormones are here to really help you step into this next stage of your life in a way that is just incredible. That will enable you to do everything you desire to do. And to really do it in a much bigger way, a much bolder way, a much more ballsy way, a much more sassy way than possibly you were thinking of before. There’s no retiring as far as I’m concerned. There are no women going to be like, I’ll just sit over here in the corner and do not make any noise. It’s time to make some noise. It’s time to really step up and step out there and make as much money as you want.

Whether you want to make a million over the next 10 years, over the next five years, over the next three years. That’s my plan, to make a million over the next three years. Or maybe you want to make it in a year or less. It doesn’t matter what your goals are as long as you go for your goals. And your hormones are here to support you. Okay? I’ll be back to you really soon, have fun. Bye for now.

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