Who I work with

Female business owners wanting to get more 1:1 clients

Online Business Sistas

For women who want to create consistent 3K months while also having the lifestyle they want with lots of space & freedom.
As we move into our 40’s & 50’s, growing a business can be challenging especially when it comes to showing up on social media, knowing what message to share and spending time productively.
In Online Business Sistas (OBS), you get coached past your mindset blocks and all the tools you need to market and sell your services.

Female business owners who want to go 1: many

Signature Program School

For women who want to double their income working half the hours with their 1:many program. Signature Program School will give you the step-by-step process to create and fill your group coaching program, mastermind, membership site or online course.

Women entrepreneurs who want to simply scale to 10k and beyond…

Epic Mastermind

This is for women who are more established in their businesses and are earning between 3-10K/month (or have had previous success). I help you to simplify your business so it’s more profitable and fun.
If you want to grow a wildly successful business that you’ve been dreaming about, you need to join Epic.