#017 Declutter Yourself to Millions With Anne Marie Kingston

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This episode is for you if you’ve ever wondered what would be possible for you in your business with accountability and the right support. 

You won’t want to miss this inspirational interview with my client Anne Marie Kingston, founder of White Sage Academy. You’ll love the story of how she pivoted from her hands-on 1:1 decluttering business and launched a thriving 1:Many program.

Press play and discover: 

  • What led Anne Marie to finally overcome her resistance to launching her international membership site
  • How recurring income allowed her to let go of a big block and fulfill a personal dream
  • The support and accountability that come from being part of a mastermind of like-minded women

Key takeaways:

  • Staying in our comfort zone of endless 1:1 work gets depleting
  • When you create your signature programme you can launch it time and time again
  • The 1:Many model allows you the freedom to step back from your business when you need to 

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