#024: Do This ONE Thing & Watch Your Business Explode!

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There’s ONE thing that I encourage my mastermind clients to do every month in their business. I also do this one thing after everything. I’ve been doing this thing for years and it works.

I do it at the end of each week.
I do it after sales calls.
I do it after each launch.

It’s called a CEO Debrief. The main components are:

1) What worked (& how did you celebrate)?
2) What didn’t work (& what did you learn)?
3) What needs to change (& what strategy will you use)?

In this episode I share my CEO Debrief for the latest launch of Signature Program School. I break it down so you can see how this simple process can make a huge impact on your business.

I also mentions the next free Masterclass that you can access at https://thesarahleather.com/retreat