#032: Kickstarting Your Signature Program

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    1. Know Your Business Model – how you find clients, how you work with your clients. It could be a typical service based industry model, Sarah typically works with coaches or consultants who are working either 1:1 or already have a group, 1:Many program or perhaps a retreat, a seminar or a course. How are you going to be bringing clients into your program, Also your price point, length.. this is the framework
    2. OPTYS – One Problem That You Solve. What is the problem that you solve for your clients, and everyone will understand this from your marketing. You may be Multi-passionate, Multi-talented and Multi-skilled.. but! Be clear about the one thing you do, otherwise, it will be confusing to potential customers
    3. Client Mindset and Sarah’s STEAR process. This is an incredible process to get clear on the before and after scenario. What is it they are thinking before they work with you and the tangible results they want to get at the end of working with you? The ‘during’ part is your signature program, and how you get them from the ‘before’ to the ‘after’ scenario.
    4. Your signature program. The elements of your program could include things like coaching, teaching, implementation, accountability, resource materials, 1:1 time, & group calls. These can all go into the signature program, but choose the elements that are going to help your clients get the results they are looking for. Which are necessary and which is an extra layer of support to bring the transformation for your client?
    5. Pricing your Signature Program. What price is representative of the value and the market that you want to market to. How do you position yourself in the marketplace?
    6. Getting clients! There are a gazillion ways to market your signature program.. but how do you choose? Sarah talks about Signature Workshops as a simple way to introduce clients to your program and the process of client nurture around that.
    7. Lead Generation. This is how you find people to fill your signature workshop and keep them engaged until they are ready to commit to your program.
    8. How to sell… the steps to the buying process and what happens when your customer has found “their person”.
    9. What are the next steps to make sure this all works out?

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