#034: Online Courses, Group Programs & Masterminds

I am always being asked by my clients what way they should work with their clients, and how do they get the ‘holy grail’ of passive income. 

Everyone wants to stop trading hours for dollars, and that’s a great intention. If it is giving you the income you want, there is nothing wrong with working with just a few clients; however there is a still a lot of coaching hours in your day with this method, and the next step is to create a group program.

Today I want to talk to you about the different ways to scale your business and move away from the hours for dollars scenarios.

There are of course lots of ways; membership sites, retreats, writing books or selling paid workshops which all take your business from the 1:1 scenario to leveraging and scaling your business. I use the 1:Many model to help my clients fill their programs with a lot more ease and the three main ways I coach my clients to scale are:
1. Online courses. This is often what people go to first, aiming to make money while they sleep. The reality is that if you haven’t built an audience, it can be really hard to sell it, especially if they haven’t done the research to make sure you are solving a problem your audience wants to have solved and are willing to pay for. However, there is a time for it, once you have your online program running as it’s much easier to make money from an online course once you have your group program established.

2: Group programs. I coach my clients to start with a group program. Starting with a premium group program where you charge just above the mid-level is a great place to position yourself and there can be so much more ease in marketing and selling it than a low price program. Within the program you include lots of different elements like teaching, accountability, coaching, mentoring, and resource assets to help your clients get results. A premium group program, I believe, is one of the best ways to position your offers to get paid more, work less and helping more people. This is the definition of scaling.

3. Mastermind. If you look at your business model, Masterminds are the cream on the top. They have smaller numbers than group programs and attract a more premium price.

The clients in my mastermind have access to my signature program so they can dip into the information they need, but people in there are at a similar level and have higher level discussions. A Mastermind is about the mastery of the mind, and developing thought leadership, and is a very different model to the group program.
When it comes to stopping trading hours for dollars and filling your premium group program, what is really important is that you have a method for people to find out about you, to attract your ideal clients and that you market to just the people whose problem you can solve.

I am doing a free masterclass on the 24th Of August, all about how to fill your premium group program. You can join at the link below, and we would love to see you there. 
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Along with this, I am offering a free consult with my expert team to see how the 1:Many method can work in your business. There is nothing like having an expert’s eye on your business and they will help you to see what is possible for you. So many keep their dreams too small because of a fear of failure or because things haven’t worked out in the past. My team will help you to step into seeing what is possible for you.

I have been helping women in business for around ten years now and I can see what works. If you try to teach everything it is easy for your clients to become overwhelmed, which is why I teach one method and help other women to walk the path I have walked which is the most easeful way to set up your business.

It is important that you have a strategy, that you are following a strategy and being led by someone who has walked the talk and has been in your shoes and knows exactly what works and what doesn’t. I love doing hotseat calls in my program so everyone gets a chance to ask a question and get coached on their mindset or strategy and that is vital. It is so important that you have someone to help you with your mindset, as it is often the biggest thing that stops you in your tracks so it is important to have the right support to help you to see what is possible, even if you can’t quite see it yet.

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