#035: Erupting like an Icelandic Volcano

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I’m recording this episode from the most amazing place. Iceland. I’ve had SO many breakthroughs. In today’s episode I share one of them.

I was being like all the others. The gazillion other business coaches out there saying the same things. Work less. Earn more. Get more clients. Get more leads. Blah blah f***ing blah.

Then I started speaking more from my heart, not my head. I started speaking about the struggles of showing up when you’re 40+ (or 55 in my case). I began speaking about the challenges of doing business in midlife. About confidence dropping, health challenges appearing and fear running the show.

I started giving women permission to be themselves in their business and follow their dreams like no one is watching (they’re not until you’re ready).

I stopped looking at what everyone else is doing & stayed (mostly) in my own lane.

I made peace with my inner people pleaser & started thinking about pleasing myself more.

I created a ton of boundaries, this one is a gamechanger.I’m not like all the others & neither are you.

I have a signature program that will unleash your inner entrepreneur like never before.

If you’re quietly ambitious & ready to make a little bit more noise, we need to speak.Ready to stop being so blah?

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