#036: What I Learnt About Business from Blackberries

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Is your next 10K sitting right under your nose?

I was writing my shopping list this morning & wrote ‘berries’ so I would remember to get plenty of fresh berries for my breakfast.
When I was walking to the car I looked sideways & thought to myself ‘the lovely blackberries are out already, I must tell Mum’. My mother lives in Australia but grew up on this side of the world & still misses the seasonal berries that grow in the countryside each autumn. 

Then it dawned on me that I don’t need to buy them- they are right here. I collected a huge haul last autumn which kept us going most of the winter. Funnily enough, I’ve written about berries in the past when I was writing about how menopause was affecting me. For 2 years I didn’t see the berries until mid-October when they were finished & all that remained was some shriveled up ones. I had walked past them on my daily stroll to the beach every day for a month- 2 years in a row without seeing them. And probably bought them in a shop. This is how our brain can be at this important time of our lives- detached from what’s going on around us. Just like in pregnancy when we get ‘baby brain’ so that we focus on the new life we’re creating, I believe that ‘memo brain’ is an important time that our hormones are helping us to self-reflect & go inwards. More on this another day.

This got me thinking about women and how it affects their business (it doesn’t take much for my brain to think this way, it’s become a habit over the last few years).

What else is sitting right under our noses? I often say that your next 10K is sitting right under your nose, and as the nose on your face, you can’t see it yourself.

I believe dream clients are everywhere. You just need to speak to their heart.

I’ve just picked a bowl of beautiful blackberries for a snack later. In the process, I dropped the biggest, most succulent-looking berry. I thought about leaving it there but really wanted it. It was the best one.
I stuck my hand into the brambles & got my berry. But scratched myself & got a splinter in the process which will take some time to extract.

Grasping for something never works. When we do this in our business it doesn’t work either. Grasping for new leads or clients? How does it feel? A bit uncomfortable?

Let the berry sit on the ground. A bird will be very happy to find it. There are plenty more berries on the bush, just like there are so many more clients out there for you.

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