#038: Clarity & Confidence for Online Courses (including my epic fails!)

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When I created the first online course in my previous business I made ALL of the mistakes. 

I thought the platform was everything and I paid a substantial sum of money to have someone build the members site, after months of obsessing about which platform to use.

It was so big & complicated, I never used it. 

I created a basic password-protected page on my website, after spending weeks trying to figure out how to do it & just got it out there. I knew there had to be an easier way but I spent years figuring it all out.

While I was delaying, procrastinating & being a perfectionist, I wasn’t helping anyone. I was maxed out with 1:1 clients and exhausted. 

Would you like to know the right way to get your course out of your head & into the hands of clients who would love to pay you?

I’m running a workshop soon called Course Creation Magic.

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