#040: Mindset For Millions – how to price with confidence

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Are you stuck on a roundabout in your business & not making the decisions you need to make?

Whether it’s pricing, niching, or what you will include with your program.I share with you how to be in the mindset of a woman who makes decisions and moves forward in her business.Only 10% of women get to 6 figures and less than 2% get to a 7 figure business.
Do you know what you want? Are you being too modest? It’s time to decide what you really want. Once you know this, you can decide what you need to be thinking every day to be in the emotion that will drive your actions.
This is how you get the results you want.This is what we do in Signature Program School. If you’d like to speak to us to explore if we can help you to create the business you want, then book a call here:https://thesarahleather.com/consultcall/