#043 Your 3 Step Roadmap for Millions in 2022

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Before we lurch forwards into the coming year, first we need to reflect on 2021 and all that we are grateful for.
This episode doesn’t focus on gratitude, however it is mentioned first as it’s so important to look at what has happened for us over the past year.
What this episode focuses on is the 3 steps that make the framework for your 3 year scale plan.

The first step is your ‘business model’. This is the way you attract and work with your clients. Whether you have a 1:1 or 1:many model, or a combination of both, it’s important to be clear what offers you are going to have in 2022.

The second step is having a clear business strategy. Like using ‘The 1:Many Method’, to create clients for signature programs with a workshop.
Instead of doing all-the-things, you just need to do this one thing.

Lastly, you need the mindset to keep showing up and asking for the sale. Everyday, be on to your brain.
Next week there is a free training series to go through these 3 steps in detail. If you want to finish this year with more clients and set yourself up for a powerful 2022 with more impact & income, you can join here: