#049 What if you fail?

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When coaching clients and asking/digging around to see what’s really going on, they often speak about their fears. The words ‘what if I fail’ come up time and time again.

What if no one sees my posts?
What if I don’t know what to say?
What if I don’t get any clients?
What if my clients hate me?
What if my clients want their money back & I’ve already spent it?
What if I’m a failure at marketing?
What if my business fails?

The problem with ‘what if I fail?’ is that’s it’s a terrible question! Your brain is like Google.
Ask a bad question, you get a bad answer.

These answers scare your brain so much they can make your nervous system stop you.

Our brains need to know the problems around us. It’s what kept us safe and alive thousands of years ago. We had to ask ourselves ‘what if’ questions all the time. What if there’s a tiger outside the cave? We don’t live with this level of danger anymore.
Yes, it’s great to have a strategy for when life gets in the way.

What if I need to step away from my business for a month? This question can be useful and it’s great to work out what you would do if this happened.

And then strategise what you CAN do.
When you obsess & overthink all the ‘what if’ questions, it usually isn’t great.
What if I don’t make more money this month?
What if my husband says I need to go back to the job I hated?
What if I don’t get any new clients this month?

Make a plan for the ‘what if’ the worst happens. Allow yourself to go there, into the dark places that trigger all the shame. Shine a light on it and see what happens.
Growing a business is a process whereby you get better & better at solving problems. And you can solve all the problems. With your mind.

Once you’ve taken a good look at what you would do if the worst happened, then it’s time to ask much better questions.
Here are some I prepared earlier:
What if someone reaches out to me today & says they have been quietly stalking me and they want ot hire me?
What if a producer from a television station calls & says they want me on breakfast tv tomorrow to talk about my book?
What if I have my best month ever in business? Just like that.
What if I stop waiting for my husband to praise my business & be so proud of myself instead?
What if I gave less f*ucks about what others thought & focused on helping the women who are struggling that I know I can help?

These are all questions I have asked myself. And they have all eventuated in amazing results.
Questions are just thoughts. Thoughts are just sentences in your mind.
You get to choose what you say, it takes practice & repetition.

How about you start right now?