#071 The 30K Way – 3 things to do daily to get your next 3 clients

Key Takeaways

  • Know exactly what you’re selling and to whom (target audience)
  • Do your Daily Non-Negotiables (DNNs) – grow audience, nurture audience, make offers
  • Take care of your mindset, energy, and physical wellbeing

Knowing What You’re Selling

  • Have a clear signature offer (1-on-1, group, course, etc.)
  • Know the specific problem you solve and for whom
  • Make it obvious how people can take the next step with you

Daily Non-Negotiables (DNNs)

  • Grow Audience: Connect with new people, send friend requests, etc.
  • Nurture Audience: Comment, provide value, build relationships
  • Make Offers: Share your paid and free offers regularly

Mindset, Energy, and Wellbeing

  • Journal and reframe limiting thoughts/emotions
  • Use grounding techniques (breathing, oils, etc.)
  • Prioritize self-care (nutrition, movement, boundaries)
  • Seek support from coaches, groups, etc.

Next Steps

  • Implement the 3 steps daily for consistent client attraction
  • Check out WOW Academy (Worthy of Wealth Academy) for ongoing training/support:



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