#2 Your Business Model

This is episode number two, and we’re talking about your business model.

I adore talking about all things business models because it’s such an incredibly important part of business, and it’s a part of business that a lot of business coaches don’t teach or don’t talk about. The reason being, most business coaches recommend the same model that has been successful for them, and on the greatest part that can work. But not always.¬†

A lot of my clients originally get in touch because they love the look of my business model. They say, “I want to do just what you’re doing. I want to have a handful of high-paying clients, run Masterminds, run online group programs, and an international retreat.” That’s very appealing to them, and I say, “No problem. You can absolutely copy mine, but let’s have a look first and see what would suit you because there’s a lot of different things to take into consideration when it comes to choosing what business model will work for you.”