3 Steps to making consistent 5K months
in your online business

What if growing your beautiful online business was a lot simpler than you think?

If you’re fed up with doing all the things, being in all the places and trying to sell to all the people, then this free class is for you.

Why 5k months? As much as there’s so much hype about 10k or 30k months, for most women in business, 3 or 5k a month is life-changing.

And my work is all about changing lives by making more money without sacrificing your health and wellbeing.

If you’re done with trying to write all the content, post in all the places and are constantly overwhelmed, you won’t want to miss this.The fastest way to get 5k months?

One. Simple. Thing.

The 5k Method is a super-simple plan to focusing on one thing.

I will show you exactly how to do this on The 5k Method Masterclass.

After this masterclass you will:

Have a simple plan moving forward
Know how to show up consistently
Be more confident about making money in your business
Know what to prioritse with the time you have available

Here’s what some of our clients have said:

After 3 months of following Sarah’s wisdom, I’ve had a $5k month and can now resign from my ‘day job’. I feel so optimistic and couldn’t be happier.

Val, USA

I just had my first £5k month!!!
Suzy, UK

Suzie, UK

Sarah suggested some simple but significant tweaks and together we turned things around. Sarah supported me through the changes, and they quickly led to a 30K month that was fun and easy and, going forward, will definitely be sustainable.

Jen, Australia

 Sarah helped me hit my first & subsequent $10k months.

Tam, USA

Thank you Sarah for the gentle, loving shove you keep giving me which has allowed my business to prosper and grow. The ease and peace I feel in my work is priceless. I trained as a wellbeing expert, not a business expert! Your expertise has given my work the turbo boost it needed to get in front of the right clients at the right price.

Dr. Leila, Australia


3 Steps to making consistent 5K months in your online business