Instant Access Masterclasses:

33 Income Streams for Coaches - One Simple Thing to get paid EVERY DAY

Even though I’m the “queen of simplicity”, I have several ways for people to pay me at any time. I’ve compiled a list of 33 income streams that get me & my clients paid every day. Sign up here for the 33 Income Streams guided video mini workshop.


VIP Days transformed my business. I went from selling single sessions at €60 to selling VIP Days & packages for €2500. I sold one every week for 30 weeks in a row, creating my first 10k months on repeat.

Signature Solution Masterclass

Your ‘Signature Solution’ is how you stand out from all the other people who do similar work to you. It’s imperative to have a clear message. If you want more dream clients holding their hands up to work with you, they need to see that you have a clear method.

Instant Access Programs:

Simple Masterclass Method for 6+ Figure Sales

You will have everything you need to create your simple method for highly profitable income streams without complicated tech.

Epic Messaging Masterclass Series

Your dream clients are already in your audience. They are waiting for you to put the right offer in front of them. You need to up-level your messaging. You need epic messaging that calls in your dream clients and does 80% of the selling for you.

Wholehearted Marketing Home Study Course

Wholehearted Marketing isn’t about rigid rules, vanity metrics, gurus & doing it someone else’s way. Let’s break all the rules! You can have fun and make money. You can learn how to show up, make offers and create more clients.

This month, you get SIGNATURE SOLUTION MASTERCLASS (valued at €222) as a bonus with the Wholehearted Marketing Homestudy Course!