#012: Lifestyle Business with Dr. Leila Davis

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Time for a loving shove…

How are you going to take exquisite care of yourself in the second half of your life if you’re exhausted and broke? 

Would you be satisfied with never having enough money to do the things you really want to? With having to rely on somebody else financially for the rest of your life? Or earning just enough to survive? 

Tune in for a fascinating insight into how my fabulous guest (and client), Dr. Leila Davis, is living proof that menopause is an exceptional time to step up into our power. 

Curious? Press play to discover: 

  • What happens when you follow the excitement, have fun and give yourself what you need (instead of gagging your inner child and locking her in a back room)
  • How Leila transitioned from selling low-cost single sessions to  commanding a much higher price point with grace and ease
  • The one thing that helped Leila the most to have the lifestyle she dreamed of and solid 15-20K months

Key takeaways:

  • Incredible shifts can happen for your life and business when you access support, work on your mindset and step into the vision 
  • If your client isn’t saying a wholehearted YES, then it’s a “no”
  • Show up consistently with your One Signature Thing

Featured on the episode & useful links: 

Calm app https://www.calm.com/

Discover more about Dr. Leila Davis https://leiladavis.com.au/

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