#013: Plug Your Leaky Holes!

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Do you sometimes feel like as soon as money comes into your business it leaks straight out again? That’s because you’ve got leaky holes! 

I’ll be giving you a loving shove and helping you to become aware of the things you are doing right now that are draining your time, energy and bank account and what to do instead.

Once you’ve become aware of what I like to call your “leaky holes” you’ll know what to do next. 

Tune in and get clear on:

    • The 7 biggest leaky holes in business that you can start to plug today
    • The seemingly simple (but surprisingly effective) question that supercharged my income
    • The weekly tool my clients and I use to get way more done
    • How to plug your leaky holes so that you can regain control of your time, energy and cash flow AND bolster your bank balance
    • The deceptively easy daily practices I personally use to ditch my limiting beliefs and choose more empowering thoughts instead

Key takeaways:

  • Believe, show up and receive
  • Be selective about who you share your business goals and dreams with
  • You are 1000% worthy right now


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