#016: When You Should Go 1:Many

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How would you like to make better use of your time, earn more money and impact more people?

If you want to make a million in an easeful way, then you have to leverage and scale your business so you don’t get burnt out with the 1:1 model.

Simply press “play” and discover: 

  • How to tell if a 1:Many model is right for your stage in business
  • Why you don’t need to have a waitlist or a big audience to fill your group offer
  • The pivot that helped my client Anne-Marie make fabulous recurring income in a lot less time (and stop doing any 1:1 work)
  • A simple strategy for pricing your 1:Many offer

Key takeaways:

  • Launch events can help you fill your 1:Many programs
  • Group settings allow you to leverage your time, avoid burnout, make more money, and have a bigger impact
  • Clients reap the benefit when you work 1:Many

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