#023: The 1:Many Method for Signature Business Success

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It’s been an amazing week at The Sarah Leather & co HQ with the arrival of a brand new home office. It’s a beautiful bespoke building and was craned over our house onto it’s resting place overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. 

It’s been all good except for a bit of an internet drama when I was kicked off my own training call after the first 10 minutes! But luckily I have amazing support and it all worked out well.

I’m currently running ‘The 1:Many Method’ virtual retreat and sharing everything I can about creating a highly profitable business with your Signature Program.

The biggest struggle I see in my clients is lead generation. Getting enough clients to fill their program. This is where The 1:Many Method steps in.

In this episode I share:

  • What The 1:Many Method is.
  • The best way I know how to fill your Signature Program using The 1:Many Method.
  • The different ways you can run a Signature Workshop to fill your Signature Program.
  • To make sure you get access to The 1:Many Method free virtual retreat go to: https://thesarahleather.com/retreat