#026 The Secret to Becoming a THOUGHT LEADER in Your Industry

Recently one of my clients said ‘it’s easy for you because you’re already a thought leader as a business coach’.

A “thought leader” is someone who is seen as an expert in a specific field; they’re capable of introducing new ideas and influencing other people in the industry to make certain decisions or take certain actions.

This is why you need ONE Signature Thing to go all in with & own your thought leadership. 

In my former health niche, I was called ‘the baby making lady’. I always maintained that the title was given to me by my students at the college where I lectured & supervised in the student clinic. 

Yes, I was given this title. But I didn’t have to receive it. I could have continued to promise to help all the people with all the things.
And I became a ‘thought leader’ in this industry. Because I chose to be one.

On this episode I share with you:

1. How I used to struggle with sharing my thoughts. I wanted to validate them with tangible research or something that wouldn’t create anyone saying that I wasn’t qualified to speak about my niche.

2. The 2 things that are the essential ingredients for being a thought leader in your niche.

3. How not to limit yourself and have the courage to speak your truth.

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