#030: Creating VIP Days in Your Business

#030 Creating VIP Days in Your Business

VIP Days (also called Intensives or Strategy Days) can be an incredible part of your business, offering huge value to your client/s as well as being highly profitable.

They are a way to work intensively with your client to deliver a particular result. In this episode I share all the details I can so you can create your own VIP Day in your business. I’ve done over 60 VIP Days in my business, helping clients to map out a strategy & mindset for success. As I no longer offer 1:1 work with clients & am all about the 1:Many, I thought VIP Days were a thing of my past.

But no! Group VIP Days work so well. I’ve done them in-person, including a London event (where I trained on business strategy in morning & did a mastermind session all afternoon) plus at my retreats. Now I’m creating one in my Signature program to do a Signature Program Kickstart.

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