#045 The Joy Of Leaky Holes In Your Marketing

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I’ve spoken before about plugging your leaking holes in your business (see episode 013) where I spoke about stopping turning up the tap to solve the problem but instead needing to ‘plug’ your leaks. This is still true in many areas of your business, but I want to share some thoughts I’m having around this.

A couple of weeks ago I was being coached around my thought that I was wasting time. I now have a lot of time available as my business is beautifully scaled, but I was having thoughts about spending too much time doing unproductive things. If I just focused more earlier in the day, then I could finish earlier & have more free time. This is the story I was telling myself, and it made perfect sense.

I wasn’t looking for my coach to give me time management tools- I have those & teach them.

I wanted her to show me what I was doing ‘wrong’ so I could move past it & function much more efficiently. Again, this made perfect sense. Until it didn’t.

I thought I had leaky holes in my day. Wasting time doing unnecessary things.
Turns out I was not.

I wanted more free time to do the things I was actually spending my time doing. I was giving myself a hard time about something that wasn’t a problem. I love how coaching helps me to see things in a whole new light.

And this is when I had a big aha about all things leaky holes. It’s in doing things imperfectly, doing them our own way, that is where the marketing magic happens.

In the words of Leonard Cohen:

‘There’s a crack in everything, that’s how the light gets in’

I was trying to be the ‘perfect marketer’ in my business & follow a perfect plan. This has inspired me to teach the Wholehearted Marketing Masterclass & you can join us with the link below.

Listen to this episode to hear how I created the 6 Principles of Wholehearted Marketing, rooted in imperfection. Cracks and all.

Share your magic everywhere that you are imperfect- it what your dream clients want.
They don’t want perfect. They want human. They want all of our struggles, experience, typos, failures, life.

They want you being you. Let go of thinking your marketing has gaps to be filled, leaks to be plugged or cracks to be closed. It doesn’t.

Just show up as you, share you, share the value you have to offer- which is a clever way of saying to share your thoughts. That’s all marketing is. Giving your thoughts away for free.

I know you can do that.

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