#047 Menopause as your Superpower in Business

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These days there is a lot of talk and much being done for menopause support in the workplace (& about time too). Finally, the incredible talent that women in their 40’s, 50’s & 60’s is beginning to be recognised. But what about women who are running their own business at this age & stage of their lives?

They probably don’t need so much support with their environment as most entrepreneurs are working from home or office where they can control things like heating and space. There is more to it than that. There is usually a combination of physical and emotional support that can not just make things more tolerable but help them to realise that menopause is actually a superpower.

Yes, confidence, moods & decision making can be challenging. As can sleep, energy and a host of other things. Hormones are changing. The ‘caring & nurturing hormones’ such as oestrogen & progesterone are decreasing. At this time of life, we are not meant to be spending our days caring for others & ignoring our own needs.

We are meant to start thinking about our own needs first. It’s time to go inwards and ask yourself what you really want.

What do you want for your business? What do you want for yourself? This episode explores how menopause isn’t a time to sit quietly in the corner & wait for retirement. It just might be a time when life starts to truly begin. Soon there will be a 5-day virtual retreat called Be Seen & Sell Challenge.
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