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Even with years of coaching under my belt I knew I needed guidance. I chose Sarah because of her balanced approach to business growth; she’s the perfect combination of strategy and mindset. When I hit an emotional wall and no longer trusted myself, Sarah was there to bring me back to reality. As I opened a new area of business, she knew the steps to take and offered resources that I would have had to find elsewhere. Sarah helped me hit my first and then subsequent $10k months.
Tam Veilleux

Coach & Creative

Working with Sarah has been my best business investment yet!  Since working with Sarah I’ve had more clients than I actually dreamed possible.  My confidence in selling has grown and I feel like I’m ready for anything.  Her insight, support, challenge and encouragement have been invaluable. Every entrepreneur needs a ‘Sarah Leather’!
Jane Gray

The Unstuck Coach

Thank you Sarah for the gentle, loving shove you keep giving me which has allowed my business to prosper and grow. The ease and peace I feel in my work is priceless. I trained as a wellbeing expert, not a business expert! Your expertise has given my work the turbo boost it needed to get in front of the right clients at the right price. I feel valued and give more value. I recommend Sarah to any business owner seeking to move beyond ‘throwing spaghetti at the walls’!
Dr. Leila Davis

The Relationship Whisperer

I manage a programme which is dedicated to female founders with new STEM sector start-up business ideas . Sarah has been working with the programme participants to support them in developing the mind-set for successful entrepreneurs. It has been a pleasure working with Sarah and she has added significant value to the programme participants . The feedback from their individual work with her has been overwhelmingly positive. I would have no hesitation in recommending Sarah to anyone wishing to do personal development work to help themselves to grow and succeed.
Alison Walsh

Manager of the Exxcel Programme for Female Entrepreneurs, The Rubicon Centre

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I did not know what I was doing in my business when I started working with Sarah. I knew I had so much potential and so much to offer but wasn’t sure what to offer it and how to.

I worked with Sarah one to one and also was part of two of her masterminds. Sarah holds a great safe nurturing space for you to grow and expand, guides you to grow a business that suits you – but isn’t afraid to tell you when you need to get your act together either.
I am so grateful for Sarahs support and guidance, I would not be where I am today without her as my coach over the past few years.
Thank you

Patricia Lohan

When I started working with Sarah (in her mastermind), I knew to grow my business I had to address my mindset & approach. I hated sales – they made me feel cringey & uncomfortable. 6 months in & my outlook is completely different- I never thought I’d say this but I enjoy sales! I’ve had my biggest revenue month ever & just beaten that again. Sarah’s earth-shatteringly simple tips on productivity, mindset & energy management mean I’m spending less time on my business, more time on me & my family, yet earning more. It’s been truly life changing in a supportive environment of amazing women.
Lisa Gimenez Codd

Sarah Leather is the secret weapon you need when you want to make real progress in your business. Full of integrity, wisdom and experience, as a coach Sarah helps you to really see your big picture vision and then breaks it down into what needs to happen NOW to make it a reality. Our time together was the catalyst that helped me really get clear on what I wanted to create in my business and life and then actually go after it. With her support, encouragement and accountability she helped me move through my previous resistance and procrastination and get traction in key areas. Things that I had been wanting to do for ages, in our time together got done. I created new revenue streams in my business, raised my 1:1 prices and more recently launched my first high level mastermind, all because of Sarah. Her level of care for her clients is second to none and she will always be at the top of my list of coaches who I admire and respect.
Chichi Eruchula

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After having worked with Sarah and having time to reflect on how transformational the last 9 months have been for my life and business. I wanted to write a testimonial that really says it how it is. DON’T work with Sarah Leather if you’re not looking turbo boost your business. Don’t work with Sarah if you don’t want a mentor who can loving kick your ass in touch when you need it. Don’t work with Sarah if you’re not interested in understanding how mastering your mindset will positive impact your business. From the first month of working with her I had my first £5K month. She told me what to do and I did it. Yes it pushed me out of my comfort zone, yes I had to hustle my ass off, but she told me what to do and I got instant results. In the three months prior to finishing my work with her I was consistently earning over £6K finishing up on a record breaking £14K I wrote and published a book and hosted two masterminds whilst consistently growing two passive income streams. What changed in the 9 months I was working with her, continuous accountability, the confidence to follow my dreams the objective eye that kept me on track with not only the things I know (but sometimes I forget ) to do to keep me feeling balanced. But also someone there to reassure me that it was okay to beat my own drum when it comes to running my own business. Who should work with Sarah? Anyone who is ready to do the work and looking mind, body and bank balance transformation. If that’s you Sarah Leather is your woman.
Suzy Ashworth

When I first started working with Sarah I was passionate about my business, but I was also scattered and not earning enough.  Sarah helped me focus on ways to bring in real income with ease + grace. She taught me her feminine approach to sales, which I love. With her support and guidance I was able to turn my business around. In fact, this year I’m on track to double what I earned in my previous academic career. I was doing the work I loved when I met Sarah, but now I’m making money doing the work I love and that means a great deal to me.  Thank you, Sarah.
Desha Peacock

‘Hiring Sarah was the single best investment I’ve made in my business thus far. I made the decision to work with her because I was struggling to make money, but knew it wasn’t for lack of ability. I felt unfocused and self-doubting — exhausted of going it alone — and that way of being was burning up valuable emotional energy and confidence. I knew I needed to find someone who I intuitively trusted, and who’d been in business for a long time, to give me some pointers. That’s where Sarah came in… I’m so thankful she did. With Sarah’s guidance, my business shifted instantly. I went from waking up and subconsciously dreading turning on my laptop (because that meant parsing what I needed to work on and digging myself deeper into self-doubt) to knowing precisely what to prioritize. I can’t tell you how much mental space that clarity freed up. For the first time in months, I was able to truly feel creative again, which (to me) is the cornerstone of having an aligned business. One of the results? I walked away from my work with Sarah having run my first online group program, which I’m 100% sure I would not have had the guts or impetus to create this early on. Having my signature program finished and ready to go is one of the biggest gifts Sarah gave me. On top of the strategic know-how, Sarah has a gift for truly pulling people out of their comfort zones yet helping them feel their two feet on the ground in the process. When you find someone who’s able to make you comfortable being the most expressed version of yourself… you know you’re in the exact right place. Our work together reverberated not just in my attitude, but also in the bank. This month, I was on track to hit my first $5k month… 7 days into said month! Sarah: thank you for helping me feel what it’s like to live my purpose and know it’s truly, tactically, strategically possible. There really is no better feeling. If you’re considering hiring Sarah, run, do not walk, to do so.
Valerie Bisharat

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I started a 3 month VIP business program in Jan this year and during my VIP Day I came away with the knowledge of exactly how I could accomplish it! Sarah showed me how to turn my passion for The Law of Attraction, my intuitive abilities, and my creativity into a viable business that I love and feel energised by. In the past two months, I’ve given my first introductory talk to a large group, started my 6 week course on ‘Manifesting a life you’ll love’ with more courses lined up and started coaching 1:1 clients from my home office.  Sarah’s so generous with her time and wisdom and her gentle but firm approach gave me the push I needed to JUST DO IT!   My business? The Art of Manifesting’.
Glynnis Trinder

I had a sales breakthrough call with Sarah and highly recommend her. Sarah gave me guidance for building my business in a clear and achievable way. I love Sarah’s authenticity, heart-centered approach and genuine wish to help women to grow their own businesses.
Anne Ryan

EFT Energy Healing

‘I love the nurturing way Sarah Leather does ‘business’. With her advice I was able to turn my money-block-erasing sessions from one-hour bookings to $5000 VIP days. Sarah knows her stuff, and she’s one of the loveliest women I know. I can’t recommend her highly enough!’
Michelle Lowbridge

The Energy Editor,

‘To give ‘praise’ to Sarah is far too easy to do.  She literally made my business grow.  In fact with her systems she helped my grow my hobby into a business.  With her experience, her expertise and her love for businesses and women who love them – she does that.  And she did that for me when I could have had the worst year ever; my mum died and instead of being sad (don’t worry I was sad a lot! And angry…) I put that energy into making my business grow.  I took that energy and Sarah supported me to channel it, like I had never done before.  I am amazing at what I do and did. But the difference comes down to this.  Now more people get to experience that than ever before and I get paid more than I did.  So if you are looking for a business coach that will support you to grow in alignment with your values and love what you do.  You found her.  Here is the wonder that is Sarah Leather.’
Kerry Hales

Transformational Life Coach,

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