That moment when everything finally comes together

It’s what women
really want

I work with heart-centred female entrepreneurs like you who love their business.

The only problem is it’s just so damn hard sometimes and you wonder if it’s worth it. More often than you like to admit.

Do you sometimes feel like you’re alone in this online world, despite how busy it is?

Do you get weary from the push and struggle that has become the norm in business?

Do you get triggered by every second post on your newsfeed and worry everyone else is galloping ahead of you?

Do you worry that it’s always going to be this way?

Imagine how it would feel to have a group of like-minded women to share the journey with and feel supported on a deep level. Women to laugh with. Cry with. Celebrate with. With an experienced leader who is an expert at managing beautiful safe groups for women to flourish in their business, making more money doing what they love.

What would an average week in your business look like if:

  • You felt fully supported in the way you want to do business in line with your values sounded by other like-minded soul sisters
  • You had a pro business coach who totally has your back that you can ask anything about your business or life
  • You are supported to have a successful business doing what you love AND the freedom to spend time doing what matters to you including quality time with loved ones and time just for you
  • Have a business with more ease and flow that feels completely aligned with the reason you started your business in the first place

That’s the exact reason I created SistaMind.

It takes you from feeling isolated and overwhelmed in business to feeling nurtured to do business your way, making more money doing what you love.

It’s a ‘mastermind’ with a difference, with a whole lotta love….

What’s included in SistaMind

Bimonthly Group SistaMind Calls where we we gather in a virtual classroom for 60-90 minutes to blitz your mindset blocks and move you forward in a gentle and supportive way

Over $1000 worth of trainings and masterclasses to help you with the mindset you need, to get the support you need, to have the success you crave

An amazingly supportive community in our private FB group with like-minded women who all crave success with more ease

The bi-weekly group calls are phenomenal. If you’ve never experienced ‘mastermind’ style calls, you’re in for a treat. The virtual classroom is a hub of guidance, love and support where laser coaching happens (that means your problems get solved fast). You can bring any of your problems to the group and get Sarah’s expertise along with the combined help of your SistaMind buddies. All calls are recorded and available in the membership area if you miss a call.


SistaMind is a monthly membership group

What this means is that you can join now and leave at any time, you’re not locked into a contract. You can stay for as long as you need it and your monthly price will stay the same. You get to have this high level of support at a much lower price than traditional mastermind groups so you can belong to a community of women who have your back.

There’s a beautiful membership area where your game-changing content is housed such as

  The Reinvent Yourself Workshop to get clear on your purpose and direction
  Expert Interview Series with thought leaders on topics such as writing your own Press Release to get you published and finding joy in everyday life
  The Detox Your Life Series to clear the clutter that’s holding you back
  Masterclasses on topics such as Mindset, Sales with Ease & more.

Unlike other masterminds, you get the the benefits of the group, online resources and leader support at a more affordable price without being locked into a contract. You get more for less, without the stress of big payments while growing your business.
All in a safe nurturing space.

The investment in Sistermind is only $97 per month if you join now

The price will rise to $197 soon but at the moment you can join at the low starting price.

SistaMind is open now but only for a short time. The doors are closing next week so join now to avoid missing out on this beautiful opportunity.


The reason I’m joining Sarah Leather’s new SistaMind is I know first hand (I was part of her last mastermind) how supportive Sarah is with mindset and getting things done, supporting me with getting outside my comfort zone while I take my business to the next level. She has an amazing knack of pulling together like-minded groups of women who are aligned in wanting to have better lives while running their business. Being part of Sistamind will support my more sensitive scared side as I blaze forward in my business.

Sarah Power

Oh Mabel

Join Sistamind
for only $97