From feeling isolated and overwhelmed in business to nurtured and supported.

We rise together

I work with heart-centred female entrepreneurs like you who love their business.

The only problem is it’s just so damn hard sometimes and you wonder if it’s worth it. More often than you like to admit.

Do you sometimes feel like you’re alone in this online world, despite how busy it is?

Do you get weary from the push and struggle that has become the norm in business?

Do you get triggered by every second post on your newsfeed and worry everyone else is galloping ahead of you?

Do you worry that it’s always going to be this way?

Imagine how it would feel to have a group of like-minded women to share the journey with and feel supported on a deep level. Women to laugh with. Cry with. Celebrate with. With an experienced leader who is an expert at managing beautiful safe groups for women to flourish in their business, making more money doing what they love.

What would an average week in your business look like if:

  • You felt fully supported in the way you want to do business in line with your values surrounded by other like-minded soul sisters
  • You had a pro business coach who totally has your back that you can ask anything about your business or life
  • You are supported to have a successful business doing what you love AND the freedom to spend time doing what matters to you, including quality time with loved ones and time just for you
  • Have a business with more ease and flow that feels completely aligned with the reason you started your business in the first place
What’s included in SistaMind

NEW from January 2020: Monthly ‘Ask Anything’ Business & Mindset Coaching Q&A Calls

SistaMIND Calls where we gather in a virtual classroom for 60-90 minutes to blitz your mindset blocks and move you forward in a gentle and supportive way. The group calls are phenomenal. If you’ve never experienced ‘mastermind’ style calls, you’re in for a treat. The virtual classroom is a hub of guidance, love and support where laser coaching happens (that means your problems get solved fast). You can bring any of your problems to the group and get Sarah’s expertise along with the combined help of your SistaMind buddies. All calls are recorded and available in the membership area if you miss a call.

Monthly Sacred Circle. These sessions will NOT be recorded. The Sacred Circle is a place for you to feel safe, to process (without being coached), to be heard without judgment. A truly sacred space.

Monthly Visibility Planning Sessions to work on your focus, productivity, time management and to plan your visibility for the month ahead.

Monthly Reading Room Calls where we discuss an inspiring book in alignment with our monthly theme.

 Bonus trainings and masterclasses to help you with the mindset you need, to get the support you need, to have the success you crave

An amazingly supportive community in our private FB group with like-minded women who all crave success with more ease.


SistaMIND is a monthly membership group

What this means is that you can join now and leave at any time, you’re not locked into a contract. You can stay for as long as you need it and your monthly price will stay the same. You get to have this high level of support at a much lower price than traditional mastermind groups so you can belong to a community of women who have your back. 
Or choose the ‘yearly’ option & save 2 month’s payments AND get a bonus course.

The beautiful membership site houses lots of inspiring content as well as the Monthly Themes.

The 12 Monthly themes (each comes with a tutorial video and playbook):

January: Clarity, Vision & Intentions
February: Creating Inspiring Habits
March: Magical Money Mindset, Management & Manifestation
April: Connection & Relationships
May: Showing Up
June: Your Identity: Who are you being?
July: Overcoming Overwhelm, Comparisonitis, Procrastination & Perfectionism
August: Healthy Wealthy Habits: Fun, Play & Adventure
September: Letting Go & Creating Spaciousness
October: Focus & Flourish
November: Beautiful Boundaries
December: The Value of Values

Unlike other masterminds, you get the benefits of the group, online resources and leader support at a more affordable price without being locked into a contract. You get more for less, without the stress of big payments while growing your business.
All in a safe nurturing space.

Get SistaMIND now for only $97 for the first month & $47 per month thereafter or
$297 for 6 months*

Commit to 6 months and get the 6 module ‘Get More Clients Home Study Course’ as a bonus! You can cancel any time.

SistaMIND is open for a short time. Join now so we can welcome you into this beautiful opportunity.

*VAT is added for EU customers without a valid EU VAT number only.

Don’t take our word for it! Here’s what our Sistas think…

Olive MacDonagh
Butterfly Cottage Retreat

Carol Fare
Life Matters Counselling

Since joining Sistamind I feel I have found my tribe. A group of like minded women who are trying to find their way in the world of business. I no longer feel like it’s just me that thinks/believes/acts that way. I’ve found the monthly themes inspiring, combined with the regular calls and contact with other members through the Facebook group. I no longer feel isolated or alone and know I can reach out and a group of amazing women will support me.  My mindset has changed massively meaning that I now believe abundance is possible and can reach for the stars. This has hugely lifted my energy, focus, motivation and productivity. I am already achieving things I didn’t think was possible. 

Carol Fare

Life Matters Counselling

I’m only in Sarah’s group SistaMIND 3 weeks and I’ve already h had a yearly highest earning week yahoo!!!

Thank you Sarah and so looking forward to ending this quarter celebrating even bigger achievements!

Florence Bray

Hypnotherapist at Irish Hypnosis Naas Clinic

I wasn’t totally sure what to expect when I joined Sistamind, but the amazing Sarah Leather had been on my radar for a while. I’m so glad that I listened to my intuition and followed up. I have connected with some kind and caring business owners as a result (online and in real life). I love that the content and materials are accessible at a time that suits and that there’s no FOMO if you can’t make a call live. The group is fun, and even more importantly, it’s supportive. 

Delighted that I joined Sistamind!

Marie O'Sullivan

Before Sarah’s Sistamind membership, I felt like I didn’t have what it took to run a successful profitable business.  It gave me the courage, support and camaraderie to shift that belief, share my gifts with the world and to begin to develop my gorgeous, now profitable transformational business.  It was truly life changing.  I was so disappointed when it ended and I’m delighted and excited that it’s back. It’s such a special, heart warming space.

Heather Robinson

Get Accomplished with Heather

I joined SistaMIND because I needed support. Since I joined I no longer feel lonely in my manager role. I have guidance with where to go next and found the confidence that I can do it! I’m becoming more organised planning the future, more determined to achieve my goals, more successful and not afraid to shout about it, more visible every day.
Even though I haven’t been able to be actively involved in every part of SistaMIND, I take great comfort in knowing I’m not alone with my issues and great pride in watching and hearing other’s achievements and successes.
I didn’t have a sister growing up, but I’m growing now with SistaMIND :two_hearts:
Thank you :pray:

Sharon Poulter

Managing Partner at The Castle, Boutique Bed & Breakfast and Café

The reason I joined Sarah Leather’s SistaMind is I know first hand (I was part of her mastermind) how supportive Sarah is with mindset and getting things done, supporting me with getting outside my comfort zone while I take my business to the next level. She has an amazing knack of pulling together like-minded groups of women who are aligned in wanting to have better lives while running their business. Being part of Sistamind will support my more sensitive scared side as I blaze forward in my business.

Sarah Power

Oh Mabel

I joined SistaMind because I love to be part of a group of like-minded people from different backgrounds.
I like that there is a variety of things to join in with and at first thought, I would do it all!!

I love that there is no pressure and I do not need to feel I have to catch up. I like the monthly themes and calls.
The membership site is great I can dip in and out and it is helping me think through where I want to go next. I feel connected here as I have worked on my own and there are not always like-minded people to share with.

Helen Grace Fields

Join Sistamind

 for only $97 for the first month & $47 per month thereafter
or $297 for 6 months 
(Commit to 6 months and get the 6 module get more clients home study course free)