I will tell you all about when I kept breaking my business! I’m keeping it real over here because business is not all unicorns, lollipops and rainbows in 6 Figure Coach Land. I want to share my mistakes with you so it can help to decrease your learning curve.
Before becoming a business coach, I ran a successful 6 figure business specializing in fertility. I had a fertility membership site. When I created my first membership site in the business coaching niche I created a couple of e-courses first and then brought those together as the foundational materials of my membership site.

About 50 women bought into the membership site when I launched it. The membership site was bringing in nearly $2000 per month. It was going really well.

After about 3 months a couple of people dropped out and I genuinely thought there was something wrong with it. I was adding in extra material, I was doing live calls etc but I wasn’t really marketing it to anyone else.

I looked at it and I thought that it was too specialized. So I changed the name and made it broader (it was quite niched at the start). I still wasn’t marketing it very much. Now it had lost its focus. I should have left it alone and sold it to a few more people on a continuing basis.

Since then I have helped many clients create successful membership sites and I run beautiful one myself called SistaMind which is all about the mindset side of doing business for female entrepreneurs. I have learned my lesson: don’t break something that works!

Another time I had 2 masterminds coming up. Each one was nine months and they were both full. I had 16 women in the masterminds and a small number of 1:1 clients. My focus was on the masterminds and the 1:1 clients and I didn’t make time to plan ahead and market my services.

When the masterminds were finished I was wondering: where have all my clients gone? I had been so focused on the masterminds that I had stopped having beautiful conversations with people, marketing my services and planning what to do once the masterminds were finished. It was coming up to summertime here and I didn’t want to start another mastermind at that time. I had to really hustle to get some more 1:1 clients to get the income flowing again.