COURSE BUYING ADDICTION is 1 of my favourite subjects! I’d love to share my mistakes with you so you can shorten your learning curve and get to 6 figures as soon as you want to!

A lot of us are guilty of course buying addiction. We just think that by learning 1 more thing, we will be able to get more clients or serve our clients better. I hear this time and time again. People believe when they do 1 more training, 1 more course, 1 more program they will be in a better place to serve their clients.

I was exactly the same! I signed up for one course after another. I thought:

  • If I do this sales program, it’s really going to help me to teach my clients how to sell
  • I’ll do this marketing program, I’ll be able to market my business better and help my clients to market their business better
  • I’ll do this productivity training so that I’ll be more productive with my time and I’ll be able to help my clients with their productivity
  • I’ll do this mindset training… I’ll do a manifesting training… etc.

I see this pattern particularly with coaches and natural therapists. They spend thousands upon thousands on doing more training, while they are dreaming of a 6 figure business but are still struggling to get clients.

My advice is to BAN THE COURSE BUYING for a certain amount of time, until you have gotten your business to a certain level. Then set a budget for training and STICK TO IT.

2 years ago I bought one more course to help me with one more problem and would allow me to help my clients. We all buy on emotion and then justify it with logic. I had seen the course and quite liked it but I decided: I don’t need this right now, I have plenty to do in my business. But then the last hour (as the cart was closing) I gave in! There was a 12 part payment plan of $199. I could definitely afford this and went ahead with the purchase. A few weeks in, I realized that I didn’t need this course and that it was just another big distraction.

If you are suffering from course buying addiction, I invite you to really think it through. I used to be signed up for 2 or 3 medium-sized courses at a time. I could have invested the money I spent on these courses on being part of a mastermind or a group training program. This would have been a way more individualized experience, with personal attention and in the long run would have been much more beneficial to my business success.

I also invite you to notice where you are buying things because you feel inadequate, because you feel you don’t know enough.

Stop and check in with yourself: is this true?

A helpful exercise is to list out all the courses and trainings that you have done. I did this many years ago when I was considering embarking on a Masters in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. When I listed it all out, it equated to 9 YEARS OF FULL TIME STUDY! I realized that maybe I did know enough.

Now I am only buying courses when I am really interested in the information and when I am sure it will bring about the transformation I need. I no longer buy because I feel like I am not good enough or I don’t know enough. There is a big difference!

So when you feel the urge to buy yet another course, stop! Think about why you want it. Maybe it would be a better move to get yourself some more clients, start making some money and get some 1:1 support from a coach or mentor who will help you to bring your business to the next level.