Every day I feel like I am standing at the beginning of a journey. Being a midlife entrepreneur in menopause, entering a magical period of possibilities. My friends who are business owners get it. Entrepreneurs get it. Do you get it too?

Retirement is seen as the end goal in life. We have been sold a myth that we should work for others the bulk of our lives. That retirement is some golden reward for years of pain and hard work. That pleasure in our own lives is a gift, to be bestowed upon us!

I don’t want to spend my days going to galleries and knitting’
said Marlene, an entrepreneurial colleague & mentor.

Before you start shouting at me that you love galleries and knitting, that’s not really the point. The point is that yes, it’s wonderful to finally have time to do what you want. But if you feel like retirement isn’t on your radar any decade soon, I have your back.

In the past, society considered a woman to be in her prime in her 30s & 40s. Recent studies now show that our prime time is much closer to our 60s or 70s, maybe even our 80s. Golden Girls was ahead of its time! And how about Louise Hay, starting Hayhouse in her late 50s?

When we follow the same path as everyone else, we get the same results. When we work our life for someone else, we yearn for the freedom of retirement. And yet for women, we’re just getting started!

What about when we love what we do? When we enjoy the work, and the relationships that we develop along the way?

What if your “work” was wholehearted and uplifting, giving you energy rather than taking it away?

 Are you hiding from building the life of your dreams right now?

I used to hide so much.

I used to question my value.

I questioned my worth.

I suffered from crippling comparisonitis and a lack of confidence.

But I didn’t let it stop me. I got the support I needed while growing my business. I carried on serving my clients and looking for ways it felt safe to be seen.

Menopause/midlife can be challenging, but it can also be the most amazing time of your life.

Did you know there are approximately 68 symptoms that can occur during menopause? If you’re starting your prime years, your hormones will be changing, and everything feels uncertain. The nurturing hormones start to decrease during menopause. Our children have grown, and we’ve grown with them.

Now is our time to give much fewer f*ucks about everyone else and all of their needs. This is a time of turmoil and deep questions, a re-alignment between who you have been, who you should have been, and who you are about to become.

We are still great mothers/sisters/partners/daughters/friends and lovers. We don’t have to sacrifice ourselves to do the job of mothering any more. We no longer have to sacrifice our own emotional, physical & spiritual selves! We choose to be loving, courageous and kindhearted even without the push of our hormones!

But let me tell you a secret. With fewer distractions, this really is a magical time for business and financial growth.

The caring & nurturing hormones are decreasing. Now we get to create the space for ourselves to step into this next incredible chapter of our lives.

Yes, it’s frightening.

I still get challenged with visibility.

But I don’t let it stop me.

I just had to feel the uncomfortable feelings. And let me tell you …

They don’t last forever.

They move on once you stop hiding from them.

I needed to reframe the way I looked at my business. I started treating my business like a lover. I started loving all over it.

I started loving marketing as I changed the way I looked at my business.

Marketing is not a way to ‘get’ clients. It’s a way to share your love for your business! A way to shout from the rooftops how wonderful your lovely business is!  When you share your love for your business, you become irresistible!

Physical and emotional support is available to help women as their bodies change from nurturing possible children, but what help can you access for the internal growth and changes? Your body is moving through life cycles and you get to choose how you respond.

You are stepping into your power as you go through midlife and menopause, and now is the best time to forge new relationships that help you grow.

Menopause is not just hot flushes and depression. Menopause is a chance to stop… and pause… and re-evaluate if this is the life you always wanted to lead. Make new choices. Evaluate decisions from a position of power and move with the wisdom and self-trust into connecting with your people.

I am here to support women like you in midlife to grow a business that is supportive and creates the lifestyle you really want.

And to have a lot of laughs along the way.

Get support and help. Get coached. Live the life you always dared to desire.

I’m here for you. My mentoring program called Wholehearted Marketing is a mix of mindset and strategy that leverages the changes in you and your environment to find fulfilment in marketing your business and I would love to share more with you.

It’s not too late. You are not too old.

Like me, you are just getting started.

Contact me here to find out more.