The only way to be successful in business is to be prepared to feel uncomfortable at least half of the time!

Us wholehearted women in business tend to find that hard. When we’re out of our comfort zone and feel a bit stretched, we often make it mean something about ourselves. We attach a story to it. There are the facts and there’s the drama. To be successful in business we need to stick to the facts instead of getting caught up in the emotion of it.

When you need to email or phone someone who has shown interest in working with you, you stop yourself from reaching out. You’d love to speak to that person about what you have to offer because you know you can help them. But when it comes to it, you feel really uncomfortable sending that email or private message or picking up the phone because of that little story in your head:


  • I don’t want to bother them
  • What if they’re already working with someone else
  • What if they can’t afford to work with me
  • I’m not far ahead enough
  • I’m not trained enough, I’d better sign up for another course first
  • I should refer them to someone better
We have to be able to feel that discomfort and do it anyway. As we get more and more successful in business, that discomfort actually doesn’t go away. I know this isn’t really good news for you, but you do get better and better at dealing with it. We need to build up our resilience toolkit so that we can notice the discomfort without letting that stop us.

To move past that discomfort you could:

  • Use EFT/tapping
  • Do breathing exercises
  • Do yoga
  • Put some music on and dance
  • Journal how you’re feeling, fully feel it and allow the discomfort to pass

The key is to stop waiting for it to go away, because it doesn’t. When you become successful, the upper limit problems come in and you are likely to start sabotaging your success. At those times it starts feeling really hard again. When that happens, do not use it as reason not to contact those prospective clients, not to do that webinar, not to write that book or create that workshop.

My biggest self sabotage has been going of to learn something new. We can feel quite good about ourselves when we’re learning because we are growing & expanding. It doesn’t really challenge us to step outside of our comfort zone though. It doesn’t challenge us to do what will actually make us more successful which is making money.

I’m challenging you to accept that 50% of the time it’s going to feel a bit uncomfortable. Welcome that discomfort: I must be getting somewhere, I must be stretching myself, I must be growing and moving forward. You have to build that inner trust that you can do this. When you go through periods of doubt, it can feel like there’s so much evidence there that proves you can’t do it.

When we’ve got a limiting belief about something, we go collecting all the evidence we can find to support this belief. For example, if you believe that no one will pay your prices then you will find all sorts of things to back that up instead of accepting that many prospective clients will say no before someone will say yes.

Think about what can you do today to keep moving forward, even if it feels uncomfortable. Make that call, book that workshop space or send that email. You can do this. Be bold, be brave. Because your dreams matter.