The biggest problem I see with women in business is they keep stopping themselves. They keep self-sabotaging and just when they begin to get anywhere near close to being successful, they pull back and they stop themselves.

They worry about what other people think or about what would happen if they fail (or some even worry what would happen if they succeeded and who they would upset). But these are just thoughts and worries not fact.

Can you relate? You’re not alone, most of the fabulously smart and amazing women I work with feel the same way.

Here are the 5 steps to help you to stop self-sabotaging so you can get more clients.


I see women trying to do everything everywhere, be everything to everybody, creating all these wonderful offers and trying to sell them in different places.  They tend to get overwhelmed and then hit a wall.

I suggest you choose 1 product/ 1 package and focus on that product alone, such as a 3 month coaching program. You simplify your marketing by speaking to 1 person. Imagine you’re having coffee with this person, they’ve just shared their innermost struggles and you know exactly how to help them. One way of doing this is doing a Facebook live-stream where you talk to this ‘dream client’ about how to solve that 1 problem your clients has. By doing that you’re going to attract the people who want what you have to give. You can go on to upload your live stream to YouTube, transcribe it YouTube will even do this for you) and use the video as a blogpost.  Then email it to your list and post it across your different social media platforms.

Choose 1 thing to focus on and put your message out there in a simple way. There’s no need for overwhelm, pick one thing and carry on.


The old saying goes: ‘If you do what you’ve always done, you get what you’ve always got’. It is time to move out of your comfort zone, which is where the magic happens!

I know that for so many of you doing something like a Facebook live-stream can be terrifying. The good news is you don’t have to do that, you can start with a simple blog post, even just a few lines of text. When I started doing video, it was really terrifying but I had to move through the fear otherwise I couldn’t create what I needed to create. And if I didn’t create then I couldn’t get in front of my dream clients and help them. You can’t help anybody unless you put yourself out there!

You are welcome to join my gorgeous FREE Facebook private group Healthy Wealthy Women’s BusinessIn this lovely supportive community women break their live-stream virginity all the time! We have a different theme on different days. Fear really paralyses women in business and when you’re caught in fear, you can’t help anybody. I think every single one of us is in business to serve our clients. So please be prepared to shift through your discomfort and do it with support – hop in to Healthy Wealthy Women’s Business as I’d love to support you there (live-streams not compulsory!).


We need strategies to deal with our mindset blocks! What’s in your tool kit? I use things like journaling. If I am stuck I sit down and write it out. Having a morning practice is incredibly important to me for the mindset side of things. It sets me up for the day. Another one is EFT tapping. If you are not familiar with EFT and tapping, go to Youtube and search EFT for self sabotage. Brad Yates is one of my favourites. You just follow him and repeat after him what he says.


I don’t think there is anything that creates more self sabotage in women in business than when they don’t know how to sell. Men and women sell very differently. Men say: ‘Buy my thing’ and someone gives them some money or not. Women tend to say: ‘Buy my thing. No don’t buy my thing. My thing isn’t quite good enough. I need to take my thing away and make it better. It’s not perfect yet.’

Learn how to sell and learn how to ask for the sale without making it mean anything about you, so you can totally detach from the outcome. Because not everybody is going to say yes. Your only purpose when asking for the sale is to get a clear YES or NO.


The 5th and final step is the most important one. It is to know that YOU ARE ENOUGH! You are absolutely enough. You always have been enough, you always will be. Stop waiting for people to tell you that you are enough. Just know it yourself. It’s an inside job.

Feel that you are enough, know that you are enough and go do your magnificent work in the world!

People need what you can help them with. People need the transformation that you can offer. So go and find people who want what you have, ask for the sale and – I say this with a huge packet of love –  get out of your own way and do the work!

Yes self sabotage will continue to happen. But you get more and more efficient at learning how to deal with it as you become more and more successful in your business

So shove that self sabotage out of your way and keep putting one foot in front of the other, knowing that you are enough to do this magnificent work!

With love,